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  1. Replays come and go randomly - also will show differently for different accounts and platforms (mobile vs desktop). It also depends on your instance of the game - you might see a set of replays, refresh the game and now you do/don't. I think the server keeps up to 20/30 replays visible at max, not really sure how or why it adds or takes off replays. If you want to test the above, just ask a few friends to log on their accounts and view profile from different platforms and refresh different times...
  2. Best way to fix boosting: prevent people from matching the same accounts together in short succession. Showing replays doesn't really do anything - it just shows how people are boosting (which all the top ranks already know who boosts who...it's really to appease the noobs who don't know how top ranks work). If Gato can find a way to solve match fixing - that's more effective and scalable than showing replays...But as I mentioned earlier (somewhere) - boosting affects less than 0.0001% of the player base...I'd prefer Gato focuses on actual important stuff, like patching tabbing, releasing new items (eventually), and hopefully changing the game up a little. Not saying they shouldn't think about boosting - but if you look from a historical perspective - it's always been around and top ranks are used to it - better to use your time to drive revenue vs. work on something that won't (imo)
  3. https://community.supermechs.com/knowledgebase/disable-base-request/
  4. Well it depends how you define "taking over" - heat has been by far the strongest element in the game for a few months now. Arguably, heat hugger has also been strongest build, too. I was about 50/50 on them, but after way more testing, I've concluded with strong confidence heat hugger is the best build overall, regardless of season, too. What this means for future of SM builds - nothing much - I think I was merely just reflecting what we've all seen and tested at very high ranks for a while now =P
  5. A bit overdue, but finally changed best build to best heat
  6. I'd post this in build help - definitely not meta. But to answer your question, no - weak to almost everything except maybe energy, but really awkward space at 4+
  7. I know I haven't been uploading much recently - probably won't upload very much in future but here you go
  8. I'd recommend you go to the older meta builds thread - similar idea of sorts.
  9. Updated as of today. No major changes, except change of energy meta. Also removed a ton of builds to keep the thread cleaner. If you want to see older meta/top-tier builds go here:
  10. Keep up the good work, Oki Fun to see you progress and play some near meta builds every now and then =P
  11. Thanks for the congrats all And yes for those who didn't get it (although most seemed to) - name change was a small joke although more of a passing salute, as good sports tip the hat to the next winner, etc. I changed name back - all is well now =P
  12. For new comers - this is the first time a top 3 clan has recruited in a while. Try to apply and join while you can
  13. My account is in good standing I mean if you think playing the lottery is a fair strategy, then sure by my guest. But imo, nothing is fair about taking away the ability for your opponent to win when they build a proper rounded mech. The best build in the game is still at the mercy of counters... It's one thing to be willing to put your own fight's fate up in the air; but when you forcefully take that away but other players, it's bad taste imo
  14. I believe this is the max inventory in game... can't accept PUKs from base anymore
  15. haven't seen in its entirety, but from memory it's above average yes https://imgur.com/a/HTejvZ8 if you have any issues, feel free to report a player, but don't spam my thread
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