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  1. Defer to Alex if he wants to post anything, but I can summarize: 1) Drop rates are really bad - probably worse than you think. 2) Pity system - if you open 2 premium packs and get all purples, you're more likely to get a legendary in next pack.
  2. Assuming you mean increased drop rate (ie. new item) - my guess is that it's x10-20 of normal drop rate. So for most items, usually you can get at least 1 within 5-10 packs.
  3. One for the records - Trolls sweep solos and clan gold Apply now if you think you're up for it
  4. whichever work best for you mech. you can use the meta guide if helpful for long-term mech building goals (usually these builds have 1-2 resist drainers with a distance shredder/ener or heat equivalent, and 1-2 range energy free weapon). You could also do some energy-free heat mechs too)
  5. I used to do premium pack/box giveaways on YT, but stopped after new ownership of SM (plus I'm taking a break from YT atm anyways). But that's about it. Can I give you items/tokens? Nope
  6. If you open a premium box, chance of L = 20%, chance of E = 80%. (my sample size is a couple thousand premium packs, which is x5 premium box) Depends how far off you are from a meta build - if pretty close, maybe try your luck with premium packs (don't do boxes - they give you less for tokens); but if far away, I'd recommend saving tokens on portals and spending it to refill fuel for L drop chance from portal boxes. But if you have enough tokens/money to spare, but premium packs away. Note though that most good L-Ms have a drop rate of about 0.1%
  7. When I was a young kid, I saw someone using it in a game. Thought it was clever and funny, so I started using it. Simple as that =P
  8. Sorry, I can't expedite any requests - best to go through the official avenues (ie. fill out the form to remove base)
  9. then they are considered lucky / have played for a while and should use L-Ms
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