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    - Unless your entire gameplay is perpetually stuck below rank 9 and rank 10, no one in their right mind's gonna use malice beam or corrupt light. - "Keep grinding and farming, you will get an account full of plat plates and quad cores in no time " - The only thing this guide's gonna get you is a bricked account with 6 devine corrup lights and malice beams, and everyone know in their right mind know the only logical build is dual frantic and a shotgun on a decently rounded stat mech. - Unless you are really is gonna guide your audience into mindlessly grind hours and months and years of their lives away to farm fortune boxes on campaign while alt tab and watch youtube and clinging to false hope as "enjoyable gameplay", this guide is perhaps kind of correct. - Watching ads for tokens is one of the fastest way to earn tokens in less than 10 minutes, that's 600 tokens for free in 10 days for little to none effort, not doing that is essentially shooting yourself in the foot and wonder why it hurts so much. - Literally in the youtube video you recommended the person literally just used multiple valuable premium items and weapons in their inventory as mythical fusion food, which is an act of shooting yourself in the foot, even more devastating is if you are an F2P, and you think this is helpful tips ?. - Approaching late game, the way of harnessing tokens in game is essentially dead and bricked and the only way is to watch ads for tokens, and you still think watching ads is not needed ? or are we talking about being curb stomped and destroyed constantly in rank 10 counter hell is "fun and enjoyable gameplay" and items like quad core boosters, 8kg drainers, plates and fortresses are all garbage items for try hard metaslaves and only gigachads stay in rank 9 and 10.
  2. I hope you had your expectations down even more in the future, because it can only get worse and worse from here.
  3. Aionion

    Need Tips

    Please do not recommend false information from youtube that give false hopes to a new player, following the SM youtube videos on how to play the game is suicide.
  4. You send base disable request to the devs in a certain special post, then you sit down and wait till all planets in the galaxy align together in a straight line once in a several trillion years that the devs manage to see the hundreds of spam requests you sent that they finally even bother to disable your base, which at that point you have no choice but to adapt to base anyway.
  5. "I'm waiting for you, show me one example on how water is wet and the sun is hot or it's cap fr fr ong "
  6. Rinse and repeat that process for a whole year until you realize your what you did in 1 year, a cheater can do with absolutely zero consequences with 10 times the efficiency in less than a week. As a bonus : all of that months long effort, the game will reward you for being a respectable and fair player a pvp server that hand out crashes like hot cakes on a friday night, but hey, grinding on this game is 100% fun and full of engaging gameplay considering the sheer amount of people's "grinding progress threads" around these parts.
  7. servers are being crashed just because some 9 yo "XxXSkibidiToiletPro9000XxX" lost a roleplaying argument in global chat, no in game battles are even needed, if that answer your curiousity.
  8. No weapon is useless, even in the worst case scenario they still have a purpose, that being diluting the legendary class item pool so your chances of getting meta powerful items gets even lower in the boxes.
  9. The game developers are fixing the problems soon, please have patients, why don't you go and save and grind more tokens to buy offers in the future, there will be an update soon
  10. The keyword here is soon, now why don't we go back and enjoy the new year holiday spirit and buy more offers, i'm plenty confident the devs are breaking their backs preparing a brand new update and answer to cheaters right now as we speak.
  11. your own user name pretty much answered the question itself tbh.
  12. all the numbers in here looking like a drop in the ocean's depths compare to what a hacker can do in less than a week saddens me, and yet those cheats been in game for years now <:
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