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  1. Once again I'd like to apologize to guys but the game had been very frustrating for me recently and just overall hard to enjoy. I'd like to thank all of you for the kind words and support, I will also miss all of, definitely the best clan I've been with throughout all these year. I truly appreciate everyone's hard work and dedication they committed to the clan. I wish you all the best of luck and to continue reaching your goals.
  2. 3 of these within a year but no mighty protector through nearly 5 years hmmmmmmm
  3. This is this closest to a meta build i think ill ever get being f2p. I also find it funny how i know have 1 of each fortress but not a single mighty protecter looooool
  4. This game is awful for ftp dont bother just a waste of time
  5. Theres no point in arguing with that kid his the biggest fanboy of this game for no reason
  6. My first legendary in like 70 fortune boxes
  7. Well i would've a while ago but now itd be a bit selfish since there still is no possible way to properly transfer leadership of a clan Gud for you . And what do you mean? Drops are still awful
  8. Im really surprised at the amount of people who believe this game isn't dying. Must be in denial . Also the amount people who think the lack of items is the issue. The simple fact is the drops are terrible which why most players quit and why this game gets boring so fast. From my personal experience every week its the same bs. Between the 2k win box, rank rewards box, fortune boxes ,and base boxes the drops are awful and i will go months without getting anything new/useful, and when i finally do get something its pointless because the meta has changed or i need another specific item thats compatible. This game will stay boring amd dry if the drops are ass just my personal opinion. Also the lack of updates is an issue.
  9. We have one spot open right now. Send a request if you want to join
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