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  1. Finally some good news.
  2. Checked the game after long time. Found out I had 300+ unused power kits. Decided to max some L-Ms.
  3. Fair enough. But gonna remind you that there are addons which add mute option in Minecraft. You could've probably muted him instead of banning. Anyway, I got a few questions about the server: 1. Is stealing items allowed 2. Is killing other players allowed 3. Which mods and addons are used in the server 4. Is it allowed to mass kill players if they annoy you
  4. Sparks

    F2P Players

    Jiyoon was r1 and f2p for quite long time. Same thing with DEADSHOT and @Burn Baby Burn.
  5. Uhh I can say I do not only left the forum, I left the game itself. Like... I lost my motivation to play it... no new updates, no good offers. You simply cannot do anything in this game except farming and suffering in arena and clan wars. I've played this game for 7 years, and I never seen it being in worster state than it is right now. The truth is, SM sucks atm and we can't do anything about it; except having hope that Alex will try to make it enjoyable again. Until then, more and more players will start leaving, and possibly never comming back... Basically the same situation happened here. Look at one topic - there's flamewar. Another topic - another flamewar. Community reached it's maximum toxicity here; and yet again, we can't do anything about it. Most of times you can't even say anything, you just need to watch. I many times wanted to point out how stupid one <member> is, but it can simply get me banned; even if I'm right and that <member> is actually stupid. This forum's rules are more harsh, and it's more easy to get banned here. That's why many people do not join this forum - just because getting banned here is easier than cheat in SM. And yeah, even this topic can turn into flamewar. Even this post can start a flamewar. Who knows. Edit: oh boy, I can already see SawzAll typing a MASSIVE text wall and quoting me 1000 times just to prove this game doesn't suck. No it won't prove anything; game does suck and you need to accept it.
  6. "Guys let's spam his comment section do he can start playing our game and revive it!"
  7. What's the point of joining a server if you gonna get insulted and ip banned before you can even reply?
  8. Prob one of the best songs on album. No music video, sadly.
  9. Sparks

    Counting to 10000

    547 times I've seen the same amogus meme.
  10. 1. Quad Core. 2. Platinum Plating. 3. Selfish Guardian. 4. MPV. 5. Mercy.
  11. Is there a chance that you will come back?
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