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  1. I got r10 rewards with the fact that I was r11... R.I.P my second mech's mods
  2. Massive stone leg is obviously better than the claw. Even for your mech Massive stone feet would be better... -------------------------------------------------------------- mAnY lIfE gOoD iN lIfE Dude, can you just say HP?
  3. Depends on your build. But I think Windigo would be the best variant.
  4. Scroll down and download the desktop version.
  5. Sparks


    Mmm yes. I don't want spent 3hours to translate this. Tha hits hard.
  6. Sparks


    Speak English please. Edit: guys please let's make this most downvoted post on forum. If you're reading this, then please press the downvote button.
  7. Well that explains everything. If you have a base, you can't get a silver boxes. So you have to choose. Have a base Or Have silent boxes.
  8. So, this clan is named RECRUITING?
  9. At last tell us name of the clan.
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