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  1. Advanced Teleporter is useless because it costs more energy. DAA is useless because I have maxed Bloodweep.
  2. Kraken? How unlucky are you lol. I was given legendary Banshee and epik Golem so my luck is twice as your xddddd!
  3. My boy, you can't use first boiler because it's 1014kg. If you don't know, you can't use mech that weights more than 1010kg, the game isn't allowing you to do that. So I'll say second one is better, because you physically can't use the first one.
  4. Ok... and? Reputation is basically how many reactions you receive(how many people react to your posts). So we can say it means nothing else than just to show off the fact that someone reacted to your posts. It doesn't give you anything; it's just another reason to flex a little bit.
  5. Almost every r1 uses Nightmare. So it's S or S+ tier.
  6. Imo Resist stats are too overpowered.
  7. As one of the lastest persons who visited old forum, I can say that on old forum last post was made by @Turtle. The last post was "How 'bout you?"; that was his reply to my message where I said "nothing special". Can't remember who was third, but I'm sure it was still turtle(btw I was second). If some people still remember something about it, please correct me, I may be wrong.
  8. One of my favs. https://youtu.be/qAXMhAsttMc
  9. No no no, much less. Maybe 1year if player will farm everyday. Or two years if player will farm like every other players, getting 1.5-2 million a day.
  10. Better to start bulling them it's really fun.
  11. Sparks

    Cringe Time!

    My old posts were on old forum which got deleted. I can't give you pics, but just for you to imagine how cringy I was, I can say one thing: I always used "nice" instead of "good". Like "this mech's cooling is really nice". I feel like I was most cringy forum member back in my days.
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