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  1. yikes that's bioniclefan's drawing from december of 2019 and I made the recreation of a different drawing by him like lol those don't look similar at all
  2. I have some that I use but they are horrible quality so I just blur them would you still want them?
  3. well @DragonsIayer isn't a noob he's spent over 100USD on the account so it does matter to him
  4. I'm not the best but I can at least try and maybe somebody else could improve on my design
  5. I feel like this is a nice easy rank 5 phys no LM build
  6. energy dominates rank 25-15, heat (specifically heat bomb) dominates rank 14-10, and phys dominates rank 9-1, although there's lots of heat and energy mechs in the top ranks, phys is the meta right now
  7. I'm not back... I never left... I just don't post...
  8. oh I thought you were talking about the beat a lvl 1 titan one this one's kinda easy to figure out but I dont think the titan one is possible
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