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  1. 5 items in no particular order 1. Valiant 2. Terrorblade 3. Platinum Fortress 4. Adv. Repulser 5. Superb Charge
  2. https://open.spotify.com/track/2t2E0vxAvJ5apCq6Zz0pqK?si=727333a10bc84670
  3. Just use falcon No one is dumb enough to go to range 8 twice
  4. I still make this mistake I don't save tokens I always go for premium boxes (even as of August 2021) But my account is decent so I don't really regret a lot
  5. Surprising you're still alive
  6. I use 1x a lot in raid lets say if I didn't hit high enough, I quickly quit and re-try for campaign, I sometimes switch to 1x just to admire some weapons
  7. TS used to give us 20% discount Don't know if Alex is gonna change the % but expect it to be 20%
  8. The current phys META is an ene free build Maxx/Warr's build its really good
  9. If you want to switch from silver boxes to base the sooner you switch, the better.
  10. Well, Thats how it works You'll be re-directed to item ascension screen You have to ascend it to the next level before you paint it It isn't any bug Its just how the game is
  11. Malice Beam is appropriately rated. A fair number of people use it
  12. Just ignore him lol and I know who you're talking about Templar Magic
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