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  1. Well... It is a right thing to do when you are too tired at the game or busy with real life. Well, we will remember you (although you are still in Discord). Good luck with your study and life also feel free to chat with me anything or return to the game again if you want.
  2. Yes! This is a very good idea since Gato Games is starting to giveaway more free premium packs. They will need to code a bunch more thing though that take even more time but i still support your idea.
  3. It has been a long time since i've returned to the forum, great to see it has grown even more. Now time make a double flex. My 2nd pack today Just maxed my first ever L-M resistance mod, now time to kill some physical mechs in arena.
  4. You are lucky a have an active channel. I haven't got enough time make a single video, my Super Mech channel is dead now.
  5. That is way too enough for me now and i'm day 257 still wait for a sorrow hot offer (hope Gato Games keep the offers or just changing them a little bit). Not just WLGang stuffs are taking away my time in this forum but it is also about my school just opened back again after the Tet holiday (The Lunar New Year in Viet Nam), my new problems with literature class, houseworks and i am hanging around in WLgang discord server more than at here.
  6. While playing normal i use desktop version and while i want to grind speedy in portal or events i use flash puffin.
  7. Oh bruh, I won't try to be active anymore. I gonna try to chill in here, don't have enough time to post since i joined WLGang. Now i can just read and can't post many anymore. And ok here is a small tokens and gold flex from a 100% pure F2P.
  8. Well at least boots are super easy to be divined. But they need a buff in order to stay with massive feet. I suggest buff their damage and hp instead adding more new stat to them.
  9. Time to farm in the arena. :))
  10. Banned for naming your forum name is og boy sm
  11. Ok. Sorry @Ad1tya for a little bit late response because my house was in a power outage. I've just done creating a discord account and sent you an friend invite. We will talk about the clan after you have accept the invite. And about Immortal Blade... Sorry @epicspeedster, i can't join but i'm sure there will be more stronger players joining the clan in no time.
  12. I have been thinking about joining WLGang for 3 hours (Bruh). WLGang is best clan i have ever found, not too much pressure, no toxic chat and good stuffs. I'm going to contact you guys again tomorrow to join at UTC +10:00. Remember that i can get 15-35 wins per week and only at rank 7-5. Edit: Gotta go sleep now. It is 12.00 pm in my timezone. (Bruh)
  13. Does your clan's clan wars boxes drop epic relics or at least 80 clan coins? If yes, i'm in. I'm trying to find a good clan to stay
  14. I do have my own clan but things don't go very well at the present. My member are inactive and lack of communication to each other. We are keep losing wars because my members don't fight and the rewards are really bad (i only get common relics). Now I need to find a better clan and leave the leader role to my brother. So I want to join a clan: -Have requirements: rank 7-5 -Have at least 1 war each week and clan wars boxes can drop epic relics (or 80-150 clan coins each war) -Friendly chatting/playing environment -Active members The benefits for letting me join you
  15. That is the best idea i have heard in this year so far! Let's just keep this topic active until Alexander notice it.
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