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  1. I see... You are a newbie, aren't you? Redeemer torso can't be upgrade to mythical tier but Naga can. Redeemer torso of course has better stats than Naga torso at the same tier but if you upgrade Naga to tier legendary or mythical it will simply have much better stats the redeemer torso even if redeemer has been upgrade to its maxed level. So overall use Naga. Hope this information here will be useful for you.
  2. Fasle The next person is a 100% pure F2P in SM
  3. Already bought this one and now broke but got a lightning vest torso which fit well in the meta. Time to climb. Wait a sec... out of gold again...
  4. Free time is your time when you are out of work or study and can have entertainment And thank you.
  5. If anyone play World of Tanks Blitz and want to have a team to fight in tournaments, please message me to join the team. When join the "super mechs" team, you get some benefits such as: - Have changes to participle into tournaments. - If the team win, you can earn tons of credits. - Gain experience from veterans such as me and other playes in the team. But there are some requirments that you need to join the team: - You need to play in Asia server (because it is the most casual server features a lot of noobs and newbies). - Your account must have at least 1 tier VI tanks (maxed). - You must have free time when the tournaments takes place. - Join a discord server use for communication (i will update at here later). Good luck my comrades!
  6. Not gonna into this after 3 purple in a row in the last 1500 tokens offer which have 5 packs
  7. Well first thing, you shouldn't divine as many items as you can because it is just a waste of time and gold. You should save relics and divine the good items you have in inventory example like nightfall, heat bomb, vest torso, mercy...(you can ask experts what to divine depent on your current mechs) Next about maxing modules, i suggest you should max a full set of modules which will make a stable stat for the mech first. If you can find new and better modules then start upgrading them and slowly replace your old modules. This method is a way to easier control your mech stats than keep replacing old modules with new ones.
  8. Great to see you growing stronger as time pass. Soon you will become strong as me and can kill a bunch of more mechs on the arena.
  9. It is nice to come back. My school is closed due to 3rd wave of COVID and my school just have finished exams in time so i now have more time to chill around here. Today is a bad day to me because my brother got mad at me because i drank his glass of water. So he dicided to food my only maxed and only energy monkey torso in the game which took me 2 years to get and worth up to hundreds of USD. I'm pretty sad for now. This will affect my rank climbing and staying in WLGang for long. I'm farming super intense now. And not to out the topics i will flex my 2nd time on rank 4 after massarce a lot of mechs in arena to release my anger:
  10. The title says all: Is there a fracture energy armor offer in the game? Because my brother who is mad at me because i drank his glass of water, fooded my max (divined) only fracture energy armor which took me 2 years to get. I know vest torsos are meta now but at least they gotta keep some offers about fracture armor torsos in the game because they are good torsos though.
  11. Well I may say that there are a lot of lower ranks players can kill me but they just don't have the change because i have upgraded my basic luck to level 25.
  12. I've just reached another huge checkpoint with my little F2P mech here. We've just reached to rank 4 for the first time ever, This thing took me 3 years to make it. So cheer guys! Another flex is i'am in top 100 online players for the first time.
  13. Well... It is a right thing to do when you are too tired at the game or busy with real life. Well, we will remember you (although you are still in Discord). Good luck with your study and life also feel free to chat with me anything or return to the game again if you want.
  14. Yes! This is a very good idea since Gato Games is starting to giveaway more free premium packs. They will need to code a bunch more thing though that take even more time but i still support your idea.
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