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  1. Hmm... Green eyes and green armor... Yeah, it's gonna be hard to tell where he's looking because of how his eyes have camouflage that match the color of his armor.
  2. Looks nice. But I think I'ma stay with Pixlr X for a while since I've gotten used to using it as a general-use tool.
  3. Bane of Luck V - 99:99 Congrats. On Whiteout Mk.2 aka Ashen Heart. (I forgot to screenshot the mythical stats screen...) The LPV without a NEW symbol was from my second build that I took off just to show how many Vests my alt has. As for how I got them, I got them through: MPV - Level-Up Box LPV - Legendary Transform Premium Box (By legendary-ing Dynamite Boots) MPV #2 - Premium Box LPV #2 (NEW) - Mythical Transform Premium Pack (By mything MPV #1)
  4. Reminds me of the dual epics that I sometimes get from 5x silver box openings. The coincidences are too uncanny.
  5. Welp-! I found the true classic Master Chief. I would say that I never doubted you but the Halo franchise isn't known for having 2 consecutive Master Chiefs in the same game at the same time, so these times are pretty weird.
  6. Huh... I guess we're CSU Crow Torment brothers with legy relics from rank 7 boxes now, lol.
  7. It's hard to come up with complex designs with the lack of experience on how normal paint units are designed. Pixlr X is a free photoshopping software that I normally use for memes and used it here to try something different. I kinda wanted to try something different outside of just memes and pointless photoshops.
  8. Icon Item with Paint Proof of Creation/Ownership (Mid-Work Screenshot in Pixlr X)
  9. Hmm... Good point. I guess I'll sit in the middle until I learn more about both sides before deciding.
  10. Perks of being a post-grad that's constantly trying to choose between getting a job and going to school when both have their ups and downs. School as in college, I mean.
  11. Two things: He could either be starting the season after getting downranked due to season end... Or... He could be a smurf (player that leaves their rank to farm wins at a lower rank where they're not supposed to be).
  12. Fair enough, lol. I just kinda have all those things open at all times since they're usually used daily. @OKI DOKI By the way, I found the physical incarnation of your current builds. Unfortunately, I winged it with the utilities and mods since I don't know what you normally use on your builds.
  13. I see... I usually keep the forums open on one page, Discord in another, WU for some reason, YouTube, Soundcloud, Imgflip, Pixlr X, and occasionally Puffin. That's kinda how my daily forum life runs... But if I want to go into further detail, it could be put as: Memes = Imgflip + Pixlr X Build Experimentation / Boredom Relief = Soundcloud + WU Chatting = Forums + Discord SuperMechs Grinding = Mobile or Puffin (on chromebook)
  14. Are you perhaps... A time traveler... Or a master of phasing techniques? Your skills of managing 3 topics are impressive and I wish to learn such powerful skills to better myself as a forum goer.
  15. Why hasn't there been a thread for this sort of stuff from the start? I feel like a thread would've been the very first thing that would've been made... ... Or is Mech Building Academy a thread?
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