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  1. My Falcon set a new personal damage record (1123).
  2. First SM flex on my new phone. Maximum may no longer be on my ORB Jumper but I'll try to use it on my physical build once I get enough weight space on it to put some resistances.
  3. I don't have a need for Misguided Rocket Battery since I already have the 3-6 incarnation of it -- Overcharged Rocket Battery. As for why I fooded the Hollow, I have 2 Rusties, 1 Fractured, and one Hollow (all maxed), so a second Hollow won't benefit me since Hollow only helps in really specific situations where my stats are unstable when Rusty or Fractured is used.. But that occurs rarely. And for Sparked Runners, I already have a mythical pair.
  4. When he isn't nearly as interesting as God Mode
  5. Jack Sparrow could even imagine of becoming a knight to defend the mystical princess known as a taco on a bucket
  6. With tons of "definitely not pirated" movies and games for sale
  7. Because he was a Fortnite default
  8. While Michael Jackson was doing his regular per-century resurrection thriller video
  9. Sabretooth is a reskinned Zarkares that gets a tad bit better than Zarkares when divined. However, it's still a Zarkares. A Zarkares that was a part of a "3 for $50 USD" deal. Basically just level 1 mythical Zarkares but times 3.
  10. Reskinned Monke torsos for $50 USD. Same stats as level 1 mythical monkes once gotten.
  11. And ready to expire in 5 minutes
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