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  1. the backfire would have to be reduced so the unlimited shots is actually good
  2. I feel like grappling hooks need a large buff, since their damage is vastly outclassed by the superb charge engine. This is a bit weird since these are both top-tier items with about the same rarity, and yet the charge is much more powerful I think we should give the grappling hooks a high resistance drain value of about 15-20 (max mythical) to compensate for the minimal damage, it's a bit more creative than just a flat damage increase
  3. the past (at least) 6 season rewards for me have been dog shit
  4. the past (at least) 6 season rewards for me have been dog shit
  5. that's not what matters in this context, it's just actually improving the names because there's no reason not to another thing is that the suggested names are also shorter so they'll be even easier to comprehend
  6. as mentioned above this is a request to rename some items in the game i think the massive leg series should be renamed to meteor chargers, volcano chargers, and cyclone chargers, respectively. stone sounds really off for a leg name because as we all know they aren't actually made of stone whereas chargers sounds a lot cooler i'm not as keen on this one but consider renaming brutality to god mode
  7. it doesn't actually transform the item iirc and is just a visual bug there was the same issue in early reloaded where you could press the transform button without enough gold
  8. all it needs is weight reduction tbh however i think the weight matches the sprite quite well so there should be a hp increase instead several torsos have been buffed to it's level of hp so it should be unique in that way it's not necessary to just change every stat when all you need to do is make it a good item that's viable in top ranks
  9. naga got a massive hp buff jesus it's pretty much on par with zarkares now but it's still really light
  10. balance update in general discussions
  11. i got 2 rolling beasts in the same day since i had 4 at that time i decided to use one on my max prot this is my second one, expect a max level flex very soon
  12. this certainly wasn't what i was expecting as a christmas special thank you so much
  13. i'm not sure but there might be an issue where you can't see the likes of your own post
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