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  1. I hate topics about base. It just gets "I will quit if you dont"
  2. Defence mat or max prot would be great for. I need one
  3. Just save more. More is better. Just be patient. Some people wait for 1 month for base disable and they didn't say a word about it.
  4. If this is added, Im gonna hunt nightfalls. Im gonna get like 8 of them. I just want a nightfall.
  5. Oh gosh. Stop making this kind of thread. Just wait BRUH. You get more time to grind silver for the silver boxes!
  6. I get notifications when raid starts. I can only get to t4 raid in the 2v2 and 3v3 raid. In 1v1 raid I can go to t5.
  7. Nightmare, nightmare torso is lighter (315kg or something), and better stats. The zark is better because its legendary.
  8. Yes dawnblaze do a lot of damage so its definitely worth keeping. Could go very well with corrupt light. Also if you get windigo, make sure to keep it and upgrade it. Its the best non-premium heat torso. The drone is also a decent drone. Very annoying when mythical. Also, use common(grey) teleport instead of rare(blue) teleport. It consume less energy so yeah might as well do it. And change your hook to a heat or phys hook. That one need energy to use. Also, best heat leg is massive lava feet. So use it if you get it.
  9. Talking about mayo, I remembered that "mayonnaise on an escalator" lol
  10. The heatpoint, its a decent drone and its the only good heat drone you got. The other heat drone have backfire, not recommended. Also, use a common teleport as it consume less energy and energy is not your mech type. And use other hooks as that one require energy to use.
  11. First, you need to pick a mech type. And it looks like you already have a lot of heat stuff so build a heat mech. Use the kraken it have good cooling and stats. Don't upgrade it tho.
  12. Just let it slide. No one knows what happened. Just grind it again(pretty hard but do able)
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