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  1. Yes, 6 of them. Next person has a computer
  2. It's in the name.
  3. No question :l Next person has a pet.
  4. DragonsIayer


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  5. This is gonna be sent into the forum abyss probably
  6. Personally, I think the game is great, but I have some issues (not bugs or glitches). Some of these could be nitpicks, but some might be issues that should probably be fixed. 1. No new weapons. (Nothing has really changed about the meta for the past several months.) 2. We aren’t allowed to see drop rates. (This one is mostly a nitpick, but it would be nice) 3. No extraordinary events outside of holidays. (I don’t have anything to say here)
  7. It’s not great to see (who I personally think) the biggest icon in SM leave, but I hope you find something better to do with some more free time. Good luck out there.
  8. 529/536 (I don't know what we're on)
  9. What about getting the rights to those songs? Or are they royalty-free?
  10. How do we even know what we’re saying is real
  11. I’m referring to both E-M and L-M items.
  12. Is everyone here real, ore are they just figments of my imagination? Am I talking to robots? Why do we mistreat Frantic Brute users? Why can’t I swallow a pill even with the aid of water? What could the Lifelight lyrics mean? What is Hypixel? How many fried chicken nuggets are produced a day by McDonalds? How can I finish this topic? Can people who play games on mobile devices be considered gamers? How many items are there in Supermechs? When is the next item? Why am I making this so ridiculously long? What does sussy baka mean? Why does YouTube kids exist? Who actually buys YouTube premium? Why did I divide it here? Why is this the last question?
  13. I may have been gone for several months, but turns out Clevename hate is abundant (still)
  14. True Next person has posted here before
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