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  1. What about getting the rights to those songs? Or are they royalty-free?
  2. How do we even know what we’re saying is real
  3. I’m referring to both E-M and L-M items.
  4. Is everyone here real, ore are they just figments of my imagination? Am I talking to robots? Why do we mistreat Frantic Brute users? Why can’t I swallow a pill even with the aid of water? What could the Lifelight lyrics mean? What is Hypixel? How many fried chicken nuggets are produced a day by McDonalds? How can I finish this topic? Can people who play games on mobile devices be considered gamers? How many items are there in Supermechs? When is the next item? Why am I making this so ridiculously long? What does sussy baka mean? Why does YouTube kids exist? Who actually buys YouTube premium? Why did I divide it here? Why is this the last question?
  5. I may have been gone for several months, but turns out Clevename hate is abundant (still)
  6. True Next person has posted here before
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