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  1. No idea. Try clearing cache and cookies maybe? It works fine for me.
  2. Killin was arrested for hacking and is currently serving time in jail, as such his videos were removed as a sign of good faith hoping for bail. He should be free in about 17 years.
  3. Some interesting responses, others a bit harsh .... xD To answer the question, it's a toss up between 3 things: A proper spaghetti carbonara with guanciale and absolutely no cream is delicious, rich, flavorful and creamy. The rich egg, fat and cheese would grow boring, but the delicious salty guanciale keeps it exciting at all times - which is why you must cut it into bigger chunks than on this picture, and not too many of them. The guanciale serves to keep your pallette awake, not to flavor the entire meal. For the vegetarians in this thread, you can probably repla
  4. Yeah uh, if SM ever gets popups like that please warn me, but I think we use decently reliable partners that wouldn't. I will join the support for MalwareBytes, if you ever worry about having a virus, go install it. It's excellent. The IT guy people pay 200$ to for repairing their virused computer usually just runs MBam from a USB stick problem solved. Terrific program criminally underrated and one of the only *real* anti viruses. Most anti viruses solve viruses for vulnerabilities they also invent, at least, that was the consensus back in the 2000's, could be that was a conspirac
  5. We unbanned a handful (under 1%) of banned cheaters. There's been one or two cases where someone failed to follow our instructions and instead fused the items, meaning they were still auto-banned and I manually unbanned them after (and after taking the time to make sure it's just that). The difference between you and them Jesper is that you lost hope and joined them for a bit, I feel sympathetic for you as I can tell you spent months trying to reach out to Sarah, I can even tell you wrote to Sarah a few weeks after discovering the cheat offering to tell her about a new cheat but i
  6. Thank you for not cheating, but we do not give get out of jail free cards, that simple. I assure you those who actually work with Gato and talk to us before/during/after cheating don’t end up with their account perm’d over it (though if they didn’t follow instructions properly, sometimes they’re inadvertently caught anyway, if we can find there’s no foul play, we just unban then). We can’t show leniency to people because they were apparently helpful to people who we don’t know and simply lost hope. I get losing hope, I appreciate people helping. But a lot of people have been helpi
  7. Sorry but your thinking is a bit silly. “ to help the administration “ - If we want you to “help” we will ask for it. If there’s a reward we’ll offer it. There’s never been a program where you can cheat, contact the admin and then get a get out of jail free card for later. We do appreciate forwarding methods, but there’s no need to actually take advantage. Please don’t bring others into it, cheating is against the ToS and universally wrong, no matter how you feel about others or how Sarah conducted her business. If you benefit from a cheat you get the ban, no matter how
  8. It’s great that you have a good history with Sarah, but with me its really simple. You cheat, you benefit from it, you get banned stay banned. Perhaps if Sarah had still been around, she would have decided to consider your past efforts for her and make an exception, but I am not Sarah. The communications from Sarah’s side I have access to don’t show near enough for me to consider and I can’t really inherit Sarah’s trust in people. Maybe the CM we hire will consider a more lenient policy, but I do believe in this.
  9. I can actually confirm Jesper did help Sarah find cheaters in the past, though I can’t confirm he did that with LuckyPatcher. Unfortunately he spent a bunch of tokens and coins he cheated, he’s asked us to reset his account prior to doing so, but that’s not something we offer as a service and honestly we probably never will. Benefiting from cheating is gone forever by default, it’s not so convenient as “ dont get caught, enjoy forever, get caught, enjoy for a while and then just have what you used to have” .... Sorry but respected or not, what your fellow players thi
  10. He’s free to bring it up here, really. Banning policy on our end for better or worse is fairly simple: If we have evidence, we ban you. If it’s an error, we crawl for you. It’s rare but may happen one day (will, if we ban for long enough). If it’s not an error, the calculation for me is simple: Did they benefit from cheating? If yes, it’ll probably stick permanently. I unban mostly people who just tested it, left the gains untouched and reported it. A small handful, less than 1% of the wave, got unbanned for that reason. Ultimately I can’t tell the diffe
  11. Actually I just felt like replying, it's 3AM here. If someone seems to be thinking with us and optimistic, it's enjoyable for me to give them a bit of insight, so I don't mind doing it in my own time then It's different when someone asks for the umpteenth time where trading is! Hope you'll stay on this journey with us.
  12. What exactly does? Events are a fair bit of work but it used to be a part time job for a guy who made them about 6 months upfront. Honestly the majority of it lies in research for us - we can't just 1-2-3 change everything because the current event standards are actually not just random but based on extensive market research etc. Main issue right now is honestly that we couldn't simply inherit skilled staff (SM was in maintenance mode when we bought it - they had other jobs already), so we've to figure everything out from scratch and hire as well, so a lot of "we" ends up bei
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