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  1. Riiight, this topic is rather old at this point and I see no point reviving it considering it’s been well-answered and ran its course months ago. Just going to be a pointless discussion independent of the question from here on out…. Believe as you will, like the game and play, or don’t like the game and don’t play. We’ll do what we do and won’t what we don’t. We think we came a long way but, only you can judge that individually. However, one minor clarification seems to be needed once again: We do not see a need for another reloaded and don’t plan one. There’s a few important modules to high ranks, but we stick them in deals a lot so they’re not inaccessible. Anyone can get those deals, even as F2P, with a bit of patience. The idea that we’ll invalidate everyone’s hard work just to lower some numbers is silly. Balance is in our view way better than it was before and we will build on that if needed. Please don’t spread fake expectations. Edit: Sort of sad nobody seems to have noticed the game rarely ever goes down anymore
  2. “Near future” does not mean “today’…….
  3. Okay so you can keep one topic on this, but please not multiple. It's going to be super spammy otherwise, sorry. (merged it)
  4. Hi Pilots, We decided to expand the community team to help us handle support requests faster and better, facilitate better and more common events, free up time for other tasks and get things under control a bit more. Please welcome Marija, who has long helped the Super Mechs Team as a volunteer (as far back as with Tacticsoft!) and has always been very social and friendly with many, many players in the game and Fluffeh, who works for us on the Battle Dawn side as well and is well-respected as one of the best theory crafters in SM's history. If you don't know them yet, you'll be seeing more of them soon. Thanks everyone! PS: We'll be opening other roles in the near future. Please consider applying for Item Artist if you're good with animate and want to earn some tokens, or take a look at our Job Offers (https://community.supermechs.com/job-offers/) for upcoming jobs.
  5. We only handle ban appeals via the official address as listed in the FAQ. That said we rarely ever unban anyone, yours doesn't really have a chance.
  6. Hi, you can PM me on the forum (click my name) or email me at alexander (at) gatogames (dot) net
  7. Hi, To change your clan leader, please use a support request in game from the account currently in charge with the following information: Name: Clan Leadership Change Comment: Please change the clan leadership of *clan name*. Current leader's playerID: New leader (must be a clan member)'s playerID: It has to be the full number under settings -> information. Please add a personal comment beneath it as well indicating you want it changed. Please understand that this may take some time, as leadership changes are manual and we like to batch them. Thanks.
  8. Hi Pilots, We got reports of an issue causing last clan wars' rewards not to send, in addition to duplicating the clan war for another week. After investigating the issue, we have now deployed a fix. All players should receive their due clan reward now and should be able to join the next clan war. Please report it to us if there's any issues with the current clan war left. Thanks for your patience everyone.
  9. You turned on 2-step authentication for your forum account. You should have an authenticator app somewhere with the code you need.
  10. As the FAQ says, we do not manually recover accounts. Especially not for people claiming accounts that we know for a fact aren’t their own. Please cease this.
  11. Okay, so this is totally pointless. Here’s a challenge, next time someone repeats a topic that has no purpose except instigating a potential flame war or being a downer on the people actually having fun, well, see what happens next. Just enjoy yourself folks, be it here or elsewhere. Life is too short otherwise.
  12. Would the players prefer the full removal over adding them to boxes or portals?
  13. At the time he was removed as a joke IIRC and re-added right after. Later he got banned for real for doxxing.
  14. Enough of this madness, you were banned for cheating, your appeal may or may not be considered, you have no right to anything at this point. Find another game and perhaps one day you’ll get a favorable response, probably not.
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