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  1. bought a pack with the quest tokens on my alt
  2. Arena xp still will be bad even buffed to +1000% lol
  3. I bought the 15 packs offer Also got those
  4. I've been looking for it for months!
  5. I might have the most arena coins Also, I got the highest like-to-post ratio, just like the old forum (If I have not spent money for the backfire heatbomb, I also would like to nominate for the best f2p in the game, now kinda regret that lol)
  6. Premium box does not worth it Even the game tried to stop you from buying it Save your tokens for the premium pack, which is basically 5x premium boxes and will save you 40 tokens
  7. Thanks, so there will be another new item
  8. I was a bad leader... Because I have no potential to convince the top players to join htk, as a leader... Gorgon does much better than me... And I kicked some weak members took in a few cheaters, the next day all the cheaters leaves... Result lost almost half of our members...
  9. Good to see that htk got an awesome leader Keep it up guys
  10. RIP I got the same shit before which I beat raid 6 earlier... Really hope gato could fix this problem
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