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İt seems somebody needs some know how. İ will teach you, noob.

Here is the latest build İ am using, utility wise it uses a grey teleporter (lesser cost), a heat myth hook and a premium heat suicide drone.

İ build for 3v3 mainly (that is the only format İ enjoy playing), so you need to vector in a team of 3 of those to extract its full potential. İ also play heat only (physical is boring to play in general and too much relying on rng, electric is not satisfying to me). #BBQteam. İ also only play builds İ design myself. Builds that are 1000kgs. Builds that have all round resistance. Builds that use all module slots. (severe OCD). So this is the result of all the above blended together.

This build favors resistance versus HP (a monkey equivalent version would have around 400HP more than this one), others might favor HP, this suits me better.

This build can operate at all ranges making it very versatile (you face huggers, mid rangers and pushers in arena these days).

This build can face all elementals. The shotgun uses energy but even if that one cannot operate, high HP and resistance would allow to move around and hit electrical opponents just fine, adding some smart switches in battle, lacking and you are good to go.

Basalt dissolver is quite mandatory, heat needing mid to long battles, using it is beneficial after simply 2 turns.

Weapon combos allow to apply range denial; if you use long range combos, İ will stick to you, if you use short range combos, İ will keep you away.

Very very versatile build, can face anything efficiently. Using 3 amplifies its efficiency, İ play tag team rather than a Serie of individual mechs. İt is also a very enjoyable ride, can apply all sort of strategies with it.

Besides, it is a very very premium build, only non legendary tier items are the basalt dissolver, the teleporter and the legs.


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Well, I am assuming that this thread is created to (hopefully) aid in the increasing popularity of "decent mechs" and perhaps direct the sloshing mass of people slugging out in the Arena

Since I am (personal record) in the highest rank ever, and with a rather awful inventory (mostly because I'm bored), here's my entry.


with basic teleport and electric hook.


First mech is all about eng damage.

And not the EMP-style all-out-or-none eng damage, sustained eng damage across most (if not all) ranges.

Which means that initially, there is no hammer and sword. There was hungering beam (for eng damage) and crazed repeater (for combo)

I still had these two in inventory, maxed epic state.

But they only go epic, and they had no push, so I looked at possible alternatives.

Hammer is great, but it only work at range 1. So grab a sword!

That makes it.



with nemo, flaming hook, and charge.


Second mech is all about heat damage. Make my enemies overheat and shut them down.

But heat, comes at a cost -- of the "heat cost" of the weapons. Hence flaminator.

As with my first mech, it had headhunter and flamethrower, but I swapped it out for swords and hammer.

I had a recoiler, but I feel like the hammer's hit on cooling could make it worse for the opponents, so I kept it this way.


with charge, iron hook, and cosmos.


My phys, howeverly unimpressive, is a object cobbled together from various parts with the highest damage (and res drain). Not frantic -- that one is too unreliable. And, in favor of damage, it also need to favor on survivability -- the mass amount of plating for the mass of hp needed to bring it down.

Of course, it was quickly proven unsustainable -- against opponents with similar hitpoints the weapons will simply run out of uses.

But hitpoint itself also have a limit -- and until I hit that, I will simply level up my weapons, and continue looking out for a nightfall (to replace sweetie).

They are straightforward, or, perhaps even simple-minded, mechs. They can be led around running in circles (and die) if one will think twice before they switch their mechs (especially when you start first when the enemy appears in the wrong class). But this is my latest rendition, after struggles with hyperion (and fernir)-based "drainers" (with corrupt light in place of malice beam, and blue madness in place of hysteria) lifted me onto rank 15. But I don't think these mech will stop at rank 10, either, because right now I'm on the edge of 11.

It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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So my first mech is just an average physical that you've probably seen 100 times by now, but mine is a rarity, being somewhat rounded lel. My second mech is my own creation however. I was broke on L-Ms so I used the Cracked Plasma Cannon. I do have the L-M suicide drone though, so that makes things nicer. I love how my second mech looks though

Screenshot 2020-12-21 at 7.49.15 AM.png

Screenshot 2020-12-21 at 7.52.04 AM.png

I'm the real Turtle, simple as that.

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First things first: ERROR 404 UPGRADES NOT FOUND

I don't use this loadout yet, but I will in about 1 or 2 months.


For my first build I will be using the 'old' physical scope META equipped with rounded mods and resistance. 
I am using Advanced Teleporter, Selfish Protector, a normal Charge Engine and Platinum Grappling hook on this build.



This will be my 2nd build, a close-range energy drainer. There's a Grim Cobra behind the Hysteria. I have yet to find a Valiant Sniper to replace the Hysteria.
For utilities I have equipped a rare Basic Teleporter, an Unreliable Protector and a normal Charge Engine

On this build the mods are still pretty bad, They still require a lot of work




This will be my third build, a dual Desolation build. 
I have equipped a Rare Basic teleporter on this build too.

And once again, I still need to upgrade the mods a little 🙂



Legacy Messiah | Reign Forever | Rejoined March 2020

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First mech:

I started building this dual CL mech as soon as my inventory allowed me to make a monotype mech. It has underwent a lot of changes as I got more items but the concept remains, it's still a dual CL mech. 


Second mech:

When I got to rank 15 this was the mech I built for the forced 2v2. Same as my first mech, it also went through some changes, but it was always a dual sac build. Also I should really work on my mod setup...




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1st mech: Energy mech with dual valiant, I used to use sparked runners and emp, but I decided that having more health as well as a hammer allow me to fight better against huggers. And that is a piercing fox hidden by that hammer.


2nd mech: Classic old meta dual spartan build. Not much to say really.


3rd mech will most likely be a dual deso.

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As a top player

I've came up with lots of different unique builds through years and years of playing.

If you ask me what's my most iconic build all time.

I'll put this build here:


It's not only a strong and unique energy build, but represented myself, and my characteristics.

It's not only an energy drainer, but also a damage dealer. When you face it, you only got two ends - being drained by vailants and upc, or get destroyed by bunkers. Escaping from it is not a thing here, no matter how far you go, you have no chance to get out of the death range. Don't ever think that you can ever found a blind spot, you will only have one end - turn to ashes.

This build brought me 9 solo medals on 1v1 seasons, before the unbalanced combined modules came out, almost nothing could beat it - It started a new era.

Not everyone could drive it, some people copied It from me, ended with bad results because of their poor skills. Successes came only when a legendary pilot met a legendary build.

Unfortunately, It had huge trouble to beat meta energy free physicals, even with new modules' help.

But most importantly, It will remain forever in my heart.

- Jiyoon



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my 3 current mechs


this is a dual nightfall build, and I simply made it so I could have better range control then my old build621225091_supermechs132.JPG.1b314594799fc6dddba75ab104929826.JPGyep this had shit range control


My second mech, which is pretty good, I might want to swap out the last words for a recoiler though. Working on maxing these modules


my third mech which is going be a dual deso, need another cooling booster. Its probably going to sit here untouched until I reach ranks with 3v3

Edit: drones are selfish protector for first, face shocker for second, and backstabbing protector for third, though I probably want to replace it with heatpoint

Edited by epicspeedster (see edit history)

Clan: Goodbye To A World

epicspeedster, SpeedMachine

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you rank 10 right?

2 dakika önce epicspeedster şunları söyledi:

3 güncel mekanizmam


Bu ikili bir gece vakti yapısı ve bunu basitçe yaptım, böylece daha iyi menzil kontrolüne sahip olabilirim, sonra eski yapım evet, bok menzil kontrolü621225091_supermechs132.JPG.1b314594799fc6dddba75ab104929826.JPG


Oldukça iyi olan ikinci mekanizmam, son kelimeleri bir recoiler için değiştirmek isteyebilirim. Bu modülleri maksimize etmek çalışmak


ikili deso olacak üçüncü mekanizmamın başka bir soğutma güçlendiricisine ihtiyacı var. Ben 3v3 ile rütbelere ulaşana kadar muhtemelen burada el değmeden oturacak.

Düzenleme: Dronlar ilk önce bencil koruyucular, ikincisi şok edici ve üçüncü için arkadan bıçaklama koruyucusu, ancak muhtemelen onu heatpoint ile değiştirmek istiyorum

hmm I liked the 3 robot, the rest did not like it very much it just needs improvement

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7 minutes ago, AEROST_YT said:

you rank 10 right?

hmm I liked the 3 robot, the rest did not like it very much it just needs improvement

yes, I'm r10, funny how you liked the build that I will probably never work on, but don't like the builds that I currently run

Clan: Goodbye To A World

epicspeedster, SpeedMachine

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