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  1. Bruh like half of my wins are from en counters lol
  2. This is literally a Q and A topic wdym "no one cares what you ask in life" . Now stop and get your toxicity off the forum and play the actual game. Edit: This guy's most likely trolling ignore him lol
  3. Free fortune box, now I got scopes for all three types
  4. Welcome back! You may or may not remember me, I was LegacyMech from the old forum.
  5. This has probably already been said a million times but upgrade your mods. Do you really think you can survive a maxed legy savagery with just 120 cooling? Gosh
  6. A few things: - Pretty much any energy mech could wreck you - Too much heat cap, anywhere from 400-600 would be enough - The lack of a push weapon at range makes you really weak to huggers - Void deals little dmg nowadays, so other phys mechs could out damage you Overall: Can't really win against other types except for heat (and even then dmg-oriented builds could pierce through your resistance and beat you)
  7. Save up for good offers, don't buy premium packs unless there's a good event like the easter one
  8. Honestly it seems to me that aren't you aren't doing much to defend yourself against heat and energy lol. I mean, you have a maxed fractured armor with around 100 base cooling. Yet your total cooling is only 126??
  9. You need way better stats to fight off heat and energy. It boggles my mind how you have 4 myths already and still have those kind of stats lol.
  10. I doubt that your heat build could reach even rank 5 tbh, it has no res so anything dmg oriented will just shred through your hp. There are plenty of phys mechs in rank 7-6 and they're a pain in the ass to deal with unless you have an emp mech. I could see that phys build reaching rank 4.
  11. Thanks, but why do you keep giving me free wins? Lol this was the 4th or 5th time I think
  12. You need to wait for the notification to pop up on mobile, or you could log in on pc and get the gift immediately
  13. Drop rates aren't looking too good for me, but other people got better stuff so you should definitely also try your luck out! Also sorry for the crappy images lol Extra:
  14. That's the GOAT torso, it's a visual perk won from the GOAT tournament
  15. My first time stepping inside the top ranks after 2 years! Finally caught on to my old account in terms of rank. Now I can't do arena for the rest of the season but as of the moment I'm too happy to care lol.
  16. Wow, you're already rank 8 and you just noticed that? Ranks 10-8 get the same box at the end of the season, same with ranks 7-5, etc. etc.
  17. I beat a 3.5k hp counter with my phys mech
  18. What rank are you?
  19. Windigo got buffed 2 months ago and soon the other torsos would probably get buffed as well
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