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  1. Nice management of big letters, Marija. Where you started, where you are now, we all are proud.
  2. Marija is the personification of biased moderation. Good luck pilots.
  3. Game is full of insecure children. Dont feel the need to justify yourself. Just play the game how you see fit and take the fun you want to take, however it is you do it.
  4. Random guy opens 5 packs. Sm community: haaaaaaaaaaaack.
  5. Random guy: what is better? Electric or heat? SM community: physical of course.
  6. Imagine landing 298AP and not wining the season...
  7. - joining HtK - being able to race against Canopy - having the highest non boosted/manipulated AP count - having designed majority of the builds used in top ranks Thanks.
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