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  1. Stevy, Concerning the events, i dont know. I can only say that offers are way better now than they used to be. For the meta, i blame the player base more than the administration. There is plenty of very effiecient builds possible, and people stick to the same and overused shet. Im talking for the people that have the inventory capability to build different, and there is plenty. I designed and tested 10s of builds (heat) that are at least as good as the so called meta. Sticking to the same stuffs has always been a thing. But now, player base quality is way lower than what it used to be. Once again, talking about the people that could but dont. So much that a balance update will result i what. People sticking to 1 or 2 new metas. People didnt test naga, didnt test windigo, didnt test nightmare, didnt test energy dependant heat weapons besides red rain sword and axe. Sad. Not worth releasing balance update in my opinion. Only thing i could blame gato games about is raising expectations and not delivering. Mainly on anti cheat measures and gameplay improvments. Which doesnt mean they dont work on blind stuffs, like infrastructure and all. Love.
  2. Everybody in top clans knows who boosts and who doesnt. Who boosts a lot and who boosts as "optimisation". Replay displaying wouldnt change much besides making it visible to the ones unaware. Considering making alt accounts forbiden is impossible, only realistic solution to fix boosting (which the administration do not even adress as an issue btw) would be to forbid it and deploy something similar to the "cheater report form". Noobs.
  3. He actually started from 221 on that boosting run. Thats around 40 battles. In 3v3, when you are at the top of the leader board, search + battle time is between 10 and 15 mins. That translate into 400 and 600mins total, without breaks. Which translates into 6.5h to 10h playing. He just boosts, no replay just is a side effect.
  4. Dont add salt to my wound. Triggers me enough not to be able to field a triplet.
  5. Yes mate, for various reasons, she decided to leave game and community both last November. She did not update anybody doing so. Which left us with some rumors of her death that grew. İ mourned and cried like a teenage girl myself. İt turns out that it was some kind of misunderstanding and some lively rumors, she is fine and rocking, that made my day and week amazing. Go girl.
  6. Wait, you mean to say that some "top players" would be artificially inflatung their scores? How could the administration possibly allow such practices in what is suposed to be a competitive game? Thanks in advance, Old kunt.
  7. Excuse me but, there are cheaters in this game?
  8. It is Clevername's thread and point of views. I disagree with most of the heat part of it ("the best heat" for example is quite shet), it wouldnt be relevant for me to clog this thread with my own povs.
  9. Patient of the day: the tiny electrical drone; windforge. Main attributes of this drone are low weight and large energy drain. With today's regenerative capabilities, the drain is way to low to do the intended job properly, damage usually hits for 1. Drone is close to useless. As per putting it in perspective with swoop, which has low damage, low weight and 46 heat generation more than the second larger heater drone (guardian), i propose the following buff to windforge: - +61 energy drain - +15% damage Keep in mind that electrical type is currently (and since long time) at the bottom of the food chain. Feel free to coment on the subject here bellow and to participate to the poll. Thanks, LG
  10. Besides the physical section, almost nothing is relevant here. Just rename the thread "my favorite builds (of which, many have never been in the arena)", thatd be more accurate.
  11. I personally find it more arseholish to boost your own account 100+ point per season than throwing a "kunt" here and there. Just my point of view though.
  12. Subject of the day is my beloved desolation. Desolation is the only epic tier energy free heat weapon. Dual desolation builds are very accessible and can accomodate variants going from very f2p to hard p2w. Very evolutive. Thid used to be the bread and butter of any access damage oriented heat player. We see less and less claws (range denial of those was one of the approaches to properly use desolation), more and more high HP and resistances, desolation became somehow obsolete. I propose a rework of this weapon. - add 15% damage - add 20% heat generation Feel free to participate to the pole and to leave some comments. Thanks, LG
  13. Target of this update is to rebalance (or to start to) the arena. Physical builds, to face a properly built swoop based mech will have to sacrify HP, so will become weaker to elec mechs and to energy free heat mechs (that are dmg based). Energy free heat builds, to face properly swoop based, will have to pump up their gameplay and manual coolings instead of just spaming magmas and showers. Players choosing to use swoop on those will be very weak to elec mechs. Most efficient builds using swoop coordinate with energy dependant weaponery and are fairly weak against electrical mechs. All in all this sounds like balance. Time will tell if swoop needs a nerf, its just been 3 days.
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