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  1. Still have yet to really see any underrated weapons.. Only certain items are used in higher ranks for a reason
  2. Im mainly just annoyed because i check forum once or twice a day and the only new thing I see everyday is a new topic about base.
  3. If bro wants to spend his money on the game and not on a new car, let him. He might need a financial advisor but oh well.
  4. I recommend the post above plus I farmed so I did some fuel upgrades and gold upgrades from campaign. Good luck
  5. Physical will take you farther with how it is, and you could make it better.
  6. They're so useful that they're hardly seen in higher ranks, stop being jealous people played in legacy and kept some of their items that they deemed may be useful. People will find anything to complain about lmao
  7. Double standards also exist, where you can break forum rules blatantly and get away with it, im not accusing anyone here, im just saying they exist within forums and everywhere in general actually
  8. You could be banned on the old forum for little to no reason. You wanna explain to me what "!" means for a permanent forum ban? I'm assuming you should know. This topic originally had nothing to do with hackers. You're the one who brought up cheaters
  9. I beg to differ. Nearly 2,000 posts man
  10. It's funny I forget that and I actually played that campaign through.
  11. Haha it does, if you press F you actually just touch the casket lightly I believe, as to pay your respects.
  12. You're the only person stirring something up for no reason. Rc is right, the old forum was much more active. But with activity comes a higher probability for toxicity. People didn't join the new forum for more reasons than just, "stricter control," that's ridiculous. There's hardly any difference, you get warnings, like you did on the old forum. I had an account banned for absolutely zero reason on the old forum, and I know other people that have as well. It's partly a joke to take a "moment of silence." Obviously no one is going to do that.
  13. Not to mention no resistance and 2.1k HP, even my physical would shred it if I play it so you don't drain me instantly.
  14. What do you mean it's not completed lmao Also tried breaking the system by completing this mission again and it kept saying I did not have enough fuel.
  15. I think your reputation to post ratio looks better than just your total reputation. Example: Oki Doki - 0.97 Rep:Post Ratio Spam - 0.63 Atusiff - 1.36 Just my opinion, like based off of these, I would be more inclined to listen to Oki Doki's or Atusiff's advice over Spam's.
  16. This topic is stupid.
  17. Most of the sprites got reused into new items
  18. Using old characters that the game no longer allows you to use. Unless I'm mistaken, WarrMachine actually has an account that is nameless like this.
  19. Yeah, I really wish I had 3k tokens for this one, I think it's quite good.
  20. Turtle

    GTA V

    What's your record in races?
  21. I only ever do my dailies then get off, because I never feel like there's much reason for me to continue playing after.
  22. I dont really understand how you have the ability to save so many resources, guess I just have bad impulses. Like earlier I was considering mything an item so I got an impulse and made food just to myth an energy engine. But congrats on two great accounts, you've definitely earned them
  23. so you what, beat a heat counter when you use an energy mech? Doesn't matter man, its just a counter, or they were just testing a mech. A rank 10 with an emp energy mech will beat my physical every time, does that make them better than me? No. Because when put in 2v2 they never win
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