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  1. Aside from the fact that this is photoshopped and annoying, metalface2 has spent enough on his account to buy a new car. This is neither appropriate if you wish to continue playing with us, nor is it respectful of our teammate (who happens to be a good friend of mine). He’s fused away literally dozens of platinum plates and paid for every one. If Alexander does anything after checking mf2’s account receipts, it would be thanking him for being an exemplary player and dedicated customer, I would think. This is not a flex, it’s defamation.
  2. It makes me uncomfortable to have words that don’t fit me like “perfect” aimed in my direction but I appreciate the sentiment and am glad we met. I hope you continue to enjoy the game, absence of hackers and family atmosphere of the clan Glad to be of service and friendship, sir.
  3. Most players support this 100%, including me. This has been discussed at length several times, and I believe that Alexander supports the change. Implementation and timeline are another matter, however.
  4. I question whether +15% damage is enough in a meta era with such high resistance. Yes, drain is the drone’s main function. Drain and run does not seem to be a particularly successful battle tactic at this time. So many energy free weapons and incredible resistance numbers require a “steroid buff” for this drone in my opinion... +30-50% damage, stick with LG’s +61 energy drain.
  5. We are in agreement. I made similar comments a few days ago here:
  6. It’s a good idea to expand the player base and help customers improve accounts, @MasterChief. I have a long standing belief that as F2P participation grows, revenue grows... Because out of x number of F2P pilots, x number of P2P customers emerge. To introduce many new players and return growth to what we once experienced, F2P must work well. Quality item portals are one way to involve newer players in the game in an instantly tangible way.
  7. Incorrect or missing clan war boxes have been a problem for years, quite literally. At last count I was owed 3 S+ and one S box between being in RR and RF dating to Sarah247’s disappearance, but support messages go unanswered on this topic. Personally, I think CLAN WAR SHOULD BE REMOVED and REDESIGNED because it’s boring and creates vast inequity between many levels of players. Just another layering ploy to slow the game down. Makes it really tough on players who are new or who are in weak clans: 1. What is a rank 15 or above player going to do with a bunch of common and rare relics? 2. How is a R12-1 player to improve if they have no possibility for E-L relic rewards? If given enough time, I think Gato will solve the problems. The list is long, but Alexander and team are making progress. Keep in mind that Tacticsoft made the mess... Gato is attempting to clean it up. Hang in there, L4KE.
  8. My drops: 1 legendary ascension relic (not pictured) 2 epic ascension relics 4 legendary items 24 epic items 5 fuel refills (150 tokens) and 1 level up refill All 5 yellow cards and all 3 ascension relics came in the first hour.
  9. None of the choices match how I found SM. I was searching for a new version of MechWarrior and found the beta version of SM in late summer or early fall of 2011. I played it and got hooked. Despite some coding issues, the legacy version of SM had better game mechanics, superior utilities (double hook, double charge, many variations of heat and energy shields from 10%-50%) and the workshop/dashboard was designed better. 9 years in, I still enjoy certain aspects of the game, and look forward to Gato improving the player experience and taking out the trash.
  10. Power creep is how most games function financially, in one way or another. Gato is not doing this for love, they’re doing it for profit.
  11. Usable vs unusable. It will get killed in top ranks by vest users due to lack of resistance right now. I understand how you see it, and I don’t think you are wrong for thinking that way. I have a difference in opinion because of this... Avenger has been easy to overheat and drain since it’s release, and has remained unusable in top ranks for *years.* I don’t have one and never even fused one up because of this. Vests, monkeys and Windingo are superior for several reasons. If we are trying to help new to middle ranked players have functional, usable items now, worry not for comparison’s sake. New torsos always come. Power creep is how gaming companies make money on P2W. In a year or two, this will not matter as much.
  12. My apologies if you were offended, Oki. Tron has always enjoyed talking smack. Her nickname for me is “loveable kunt” if that tells you anything. At first I didn’t know how to take it but considering the spectrum of British humor... Can also be negative connotation, to your point. For whatever reason the word has entered the cultural lexicon and people use it in different ways, sometimes with prefixes or suffixes. I think hers is more along the lines of kunt muffin. Depending on the breadth of your vocabulary, Urban Dictionary may be required. I’ll have a talk with Tron, nonetheless. Anyone is welcome to DM me for Tron’s contact info. Mechzilla#7277.
  13. I have no plans to use the Desolation unless it’s buffed because it will get me killed and that hurts my team. LG is the most accomplished Desolation/Volcano build player in the history of SM, and he can’t use it at this point. To me, that says a lot. To delve into this a bit, balance to many items is necessary for the purposes of this balance discussion. Is that not why we are here? Both element and item equilibrium are our goals as I understand them. In order to achieve these goals, many older items will need to be buffed and/or balanced, otherwise they’re simply taking up server space and are useless as players progress. As balance achievement is approached, newer, more powerful or useful items will be released and revenue is generated for Gato Games. That’s called a power creep. Does this make it easier to understand? On a personal level, F2P pilots were left behind by TS, and I believe that a meaningful Desolation buff will be a big step in restoring the ability of free players to compete.
  14. To be formidable, torso HP would need to be higher I think, in addition to buffed heat cap & cooling. 1750 would be a start.
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