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  1. @Professional Failure, how many myths do you have that you would consider useless mything? me typing @TheChing going where the hell is he
  2. REVIVED Also, Mazda RX7 is orgasmic, the idle is amazing, rotary sounds so good. That, or a Toyota AE86 Trueno, those are sexy.
  3. Key words are in the parentheses. For anyone that doesn't know, quick lesson on Halo: Reach was a planet that was used for the center of military operations of the UNSC, and they were invaded by the enemy (Covenant) and there was a war that lasted about a month before the humans inevitably fell, with one of the saddest Campaign endings in my opinion.
  4. Chief is no hero of Reach if it fell, which it certainly did. Lore says Chief was only on Reach for a couple missions, then went out to do other missions.
  5. Imagine being trolled this hard @Pink555
  6. I'm not gonna lie, I really hate this. You don't need to go to college for a good paying job. Statistics speak, as I'm sure you know Sawz. Many people have trouble finding jobs in their respective field. I mean I know this isn't the place to talk about it. You can have a GED and make six figures.
  7. I'm just going to revive this because I liked the idea. What's the next person's favorite pizza?
  8. Funnily enough I quit because I just wasn't enjoying myself and plus I figured I would get more school work done. Well, I haven't done any more school work than I used to do.
  9. I'm not going to defend him but doesn't it seem weird to ask for your account to be checked if you're cheating?
  10. Build help is in the clubs. I tried to make a build help when we first moved here only to realize there was a club for it.
  11. If I recall correctly Godzilla had some major problems with caps lock in the past.
  12. Hence why this idea is bad
  13. If you divide a Plat Plate in half, you're looking at what, 166HP? If this item it simply meant to be a filler for excess weight, make it around 100HP. Therefore an item that is half the weight of an Iron Plate is not outclassing it by miles. To be honest, I don't really like this item alone. Maybe if there was a bunch of different HP modules with varying weight and HP, but even then I'm still on the fence about it.
  14. If it was to be a thing, it would need significantly less HP.
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