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  1. You say like we don't know who is boosting and with what accounts. One look at the leaderboard will tell you exactly that (people online). Also 0-3 replays while being top 3 shows exactly the same what insta quit replays would too. Also to add that people who boost dont give a shit with trying to hide it. What I would suggest is that game shouldn't match you with the same player for some time.
  2. He stopped playing because Liran maxed his account immediately so Ssundee never had any challenge like us mortals experience.
  3. It's "Banana Slamma" and it's currently full now sorry.
  4. Join Banana Slamma every Titan gets killed.
  5. You didn't miss much tbh. I grinded whole day and got like 1-2 legy relics only. Drops were pretty shit (this was TS event btw)
  6. I don't know how people managed to find rolling beasts as a "good" item. Sales TS had were shit. Useful weapon would show like once every few months and the rest were garbage.
  7. Not true. Many weapons just outclassed any f2p weapon lol (just better stats)
  8. Why am I quoted on something I said years ago when base was different
  9. Farm campaign and upgrade your stuff.
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