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  1. thats my point, its misleading when you see it on another mech, creating a tactical advantage. Paint shouldnt do that
  2. Colors mean something in game.... so the weapons start doing damage of each type?
  3. No. All the no. So much no. No,
  4. Are people really that dumb to fall for it? Why would anyone give out their login to a complete stranger? Shouldn't even asking be against the TOS? Its getting really old.
  5. Not to say I had your chance, but right when this opened up, I jumped at it and Alex moved it pretty quickly. It probably a back burner task now.
  6. Why not just allow grapple weapons the option to not pull the victim close? Its the same thing. Launch a massive claw which bites in for damage, the pulling is just gravy if you want to close range, but sometimes you don't, or if you are already at range 1..the claw still damages the armor.
  7. Lots more legacy than just a hundred.
  8. Why? If you go against a hard counter, why bother? Quit and get a new matchup
  9. The problem is more a case of pollution. There are so many possible L drops right now, getting an L+, let alone a decent L+, is low these days. Its almost like there needs to be a new class of drop strictly for L+. I think it was mentioned that it was 25% for an L drop... running on that.... 70% E, 25% L, and 5% L+. Enough such that on a deal like this one with 100 drops, you have an (average) of 5 L+ and possibly even better with the L drop pool (which also includes the L+ pool). That gives some incentive of going for deals like this.
  10. Is it just me or are these higher dollar offers just pricing people out of the game? $20 isn't quite of bitter pill to swallow, but at $50, its not something that will get the casual to pony up.
  11. Fun fact: When you are right at that cusp of advancing to the next League chest level (R6->5 R4->3 R2->1) you face a hard counter.
  12. Its always bad. People just do it to pad wins.
  13. "With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably." -Judge Aaron Satie (as said by Capt. Picard)
  14. I was one of the first ones who jumped at the offer. And yes, the process did work.
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