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  1. Each phase of clan wars happens for more than 24 hours. That’s some sleep schedule.
  2. It’s just different builds. If they were better then those players would be top of the stack each week. With legacy items a number of players should be given a shirt that says I spent 5000$ before reloaded and all I got was this surfboard. The 1 weight teleport was certainly an advantage enjoyed for a long time but it got nerfed to be 20 weight for some reason even though new teleports are 11 weight.
  3. Hey guys, For the second time in my Supermechs Life I've changed clans. When Kongregate servers merged with the Supermechs server (long before reloaded) my clan in Kong mostly folded, I think most of them actually went to HTK. At the time, I have no idea why, some players in HTK didn't accept me because they thought I was a spy or alt of someone else - so when Dany/Littlelost of LLYL invited me to join I accepted. I almost didn't join at the time - I thought they would all be cocky jerks because they were long-reigning Gold Medal clan, and it turns out they weren't and we had many good times and many medals and build discussions. Most of the faces I knew in those days with LLYL are gone now, but for many years I played alongside Wep, Gros and Nagi and some other longtime players in LLYL, even leading for a time. It'll hold a special place for me certainly - and be weird to face that clan flag. But I've made many friends over the years, and now more of those friends are in other clans than in my current one. I have much admiration for the leaders and players in all of the clans, my connection to the game is more generally with all the players than it is to any specific clan. It took more than 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to actually leave a clan, since I've only done so once, years ago. I have accepted an invitation from some friends in Reign to join. So for now, that's where I'll be playing from. Much love to LLYL and the players and friends there, I just needed a bit of a change. Still playing though. Cheers! Andernut.
  4. This is way better than the old gold portals, those were far fewer tokens, and I don't mind a challenge. I may have missed the last couple gold portals but the tokens were very high. Like 120 tokens? I stacked phys resist and hps and used ranged energy with an EMP and won. (1 revive, didn't get health kits). I did the same thing with energy swords with a different build - stack phys and resists and won but was lucky enough to get healthkit. I lost my first run at the boss though and had to rebuilt my campaign mech because the boss battle was clearly much harder than the rest of the level if not prepared for it. Don't forget you can exit and re-enter the fight to be at range 3 or 1 and not have to tank a hit from that mighty cannon.
  5. All crap here, meaning none of the new modules. I got tempted and should have known better. 2 legendary combined storage units that got me a little excited each time and then I saw they were just the upgraded epic crap versions. Plat plate but can't use it on energy builds. Overcooking Oven, Cooling Mass Booster, Mighty Cannon, Party Crasher, Energy Engine Module, Backstabber, Heatpoint, Platinum Plate, Combined Storage Unit, Dark Eagle, Molten Platinum Vest, Energy Free Armor, Sparked Runners, Rusty Energy Armor, Frantic Flame, Combined Storage Unit, Recoil Stompers, Basalt Polisher, Flamewave, Cooling Mass Booster, Brutality, Heat Engine Module
  6. I realize I probably responded to you, it was a bit of a dig at the creator. I went to recreate this thread (last January) on the new forums, I maintained and formatted all this information for a few years on the old forums website and found it copy-pasted here by someone else with no crediting the source (me). Amusingly even keeping old links I had in the hidden tags as well.
  7. Love all the stats btw, where did you get them?
  8. Same here. Nothing new, don't even think I got an L+ out of it but it was just buying garbage regardless.
  9. I've always wondered - what causes us to be able to see replays of players? I wanted to check out top players and I noticed Phoenix has 4 matches, Clevername has 2, but then the next two players Lord Gorgon and Invicktus have more replays than fit on their rematch screen?
  10. Yes, kongregate decided to force supernova player for all games but it does not work for supermechs (and others) so even those who could play with one of several workarounds are blocked from playing. They said they expect to have it patched by thursday or friday, but not holding my breath.
  11. I would love to join this portal.... if all kongregate players were not blocked from playing.
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