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  1. I would consider my mech to be 'pretty good' but I got absolutely clapped by that mighty cannon
  2. I'm in moonlight sonata, I don't play a huge amount so I can't stay in any higher rank clans
  3. Vegimite toast is the greatest food to ever exist
  4. never thought i would see a bad quad legendary pack xd
  5. my first claw, on an alt but still HOLY SHIT
  6. if rank 10 is the holy rank, then why have i never gotten a legendary from it?
  7. you think THATS bad, i once got 3 drunk lightnings in 1 pack there was a guy in my old clan (got kicked out cuz i dont play that much) called night albatross. he often got 700-1000 wins
  8. just how rare is mercy? i've never gotten one from any premium packs, over 20+ accounts, over 3 years
  9. i agree, building a perfect mech is supposed to be difficult. this seems like a bit of a cop out
  10. iron plate is already obsolete if you have enough platinums
  11. hol up you can get commons? i've gotten 0 commons ever, maybe 10 legendaries, 30-40 epics, and 80-100 rares
  12. Im pretty sure that fortune box legendary droprate changes from where you get it. the first time you do a campaign boss, the droprate is really bad, like 1% however from portals, it seems like closer to 30%. and the daily reward fortune boxes seem more like 5-10% (at least in my experience)
  13. it would make sense for the rate to be 20%, 1 legendary per pack.
  14. oH SHI WAIT NO.... nvm you have so many xd
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