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  1. 1. CleverName's token balance. 2. See #1
  2. And there goes Alex's money maker......
  3. This is nothing like Mechwarrior. This like BattleTech. Yeah, splitting hairs here, but BT was turn based like this is, and MW is real time.
  4. Seems more like Crimson Rapture and consistent with its animation
  5. 1. Having not invested much, I can not play for weeks and not feel bad about it. 2. Simple enough to play while doing other things and still win. 3. Mission energy can be stockpiled for if a decent portal happens again.
  6. Its a double edged sword. The lack of new items has prevented the L+ pool from getting further polluted, but again the lack of new items has really led to a stale meta which really benefits the long timers and whales. This game is seemingly in its sunset, and it is very hard for someone to grind up at this point with paying big money. Us old timers can just craft from the factory for a chance at Legends, but it takes enormous effort to get to L20 base. Due to connection issues I missed the Relic portal which really is what I need more than items at this point to maintain my L3 rank. And I dont know if that will ever return
  7. May the next person to break the counting streak be sentenced to no fewer than listening to Kamala cackle 536 times.
  8. Most states allow you to use a 529 Plan to save money for your child's education tax-free.
  9. In the year twenty "five twenty five", if man is still alive.......
  10. If you are in California, and commit extortion, you will be prosecuted under Section 518 in the Penal Code.
  11. I think you need to focus on getting those to Mythic first. The stat jump to mythic coupled with the quick rise to mythic level 25 will give you better payback than trying to bring them all up at once to Legend40
  12. Iron plate is a waste. At no point does it give value above what other e+ modules can give. Extra cooling or regen brings things like heat bomb and EMP into play, which down the ranks can be super effective
  13. First off, you have too little cooling for Heat Bomb, and way too little energy and regen for EMP.
  14. Somewhere between 3-5 unless I forget to play for a week, then I have grind from 7 back up there. Damaged Armor dissolver is something like -60res, and with bonuses is like 90 backfire. So you do 90 to your self to do 60 more with each shot. The round you use it, you are getting 120 more damage, and 180 more the next turn. 300+ damage for 90 to myself over 2 rounds, I'll trade that any day
  15. Unless they roll low. Brute is a wild card, its average is not all that better than Spartan, but with 1 less shot. I know L+, I still recommend at least one armor breaker since phys doesn't get the utility of overheat or energy breaks to supplement things
  16. Add an armor melter. I run 160+ phys armor, so do many because of its prevalence as a build type. You will run out of bullets before I run out of hps if you cant peel the armor early.
  17. Constantly has "Glory Days" playing from his iPod. Drinkin' with his buddies Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.
  18. If your factory fails FDA inspection, you get slapped with a Form 483.
  19. If you have heart issues, you might get put on Metoprolol to manage the condition. Its a small pill with the imprint of 477 on it.
  20. At last we come to average credit score of a whale...... 462
  21. Let us celebrate the Sacking of Rome, 455 AD.
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