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I mentioned this earlier but today I hit 100 max myths, and I decided to arrange them onto a canvas in Pain 3D. Two years after starting my account, I've reached a number we've decided is important for no reason other than we have 10 fingers lol.

On a more serious note, I'm just pretty happy to have reached this point.

Why are you reading this? Go look at the next post.


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2 minutes ago, MasterChief said:

nice! wait... if i can beat u, then why am I not at r6?

the game likes Whiteout better.


Bring Back The Confetti!

"Like and follow it'll give me a better reputation" - Spam

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Just now, W.H.I.T.E.O.U.T said:

Rambo is one of my two co-pilots... Well, an occasional co-pilot... But he's extremely skilled at battling, so he somehow got my rank 8 build to rank 6.

could he help me? 🤔


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