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  1. No, I did not buy the today's offer , I got this in base this morning #BaseIsGood
  2. If you use discord, join the official server, you can meet us all better there, possibly get a cool new nickname as well
  3. Alexander is a great comedian indeed PS. The gif I have in my signature was made and put there by him lol
  4. Yes, Marija is my real name and it was my in game name since forever. Recently Alexander decided to rename me into Mean Little Girl, and I kept it because he likes it and it seems to amuse people.
  5. Happy Easter everyone! In the egg, I didnt get anything worth mentioning here ( Banshee torso ) , but my base gave me 2 L-M items today, one of which is this : #base_is_good
  6. I forget to post my drop rates and stuff on new forum, so here's my arena box of this week :
  7. Personally, I activated base accidentally more than a year ago. I started with 50+ millions of gold, which is how much I spent on upgrading it. ( I wasnt farming at all because I thought I'd quit the game at the time) It took few months to max out, as I had no trouble with gold. I've been playing for ages and I could be considered a top player I guess, for a bit more info. Mostly I use it for legendary items or kits. I got some very good items and it was worth it for me. For example, I got overload preventor module ( if thats the name xD). Now when the base gives a bit more gold, it
  8. I hid the off topic posts, please in future just report the post instead of tagging everyone.
  9. It means you need to wait until a moderator approves your topic to be ''published'', it happens with certain topics like with balance discussions or if you've had mod actions and your content is moderated.
  10. Yo how do u prove my age of 13 then ?


  11. He eats souls of the innocents for breakfast
  12. ''One shouldnt be afraid of humans. Well, I am not afraid of humans, but of what is inhuman in them.'' - Ivo Andric
  13. Sure I can show off my mechs, not super impressive but oh well lol Which one you want? I have team of 3 and 1 for 1v1 time Btw, the title is I think done by Elcent, just like on the old forum ( Who remembers, I had it there ) , and signature is Elcent and Alex joining strengths and creating.... it. Alexander likes to call it a gift I guess.
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