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  1. I buy this offer and got cool stuff especially defence matrix and .... Heat monke
  2. Should I buy this offer or wait for better offer?
  3. When I joined pvp match, it's show my rank 25 and opponent rank 18. I was been confused. Anyway i leave the match because opponent was very strong , then my star and rank getting increasing from rank 25 to rank 11. I have also posted a small proof of getting stars.it happened today to me. So guys, is it happened to you too? Screenrecord_2021-05-16-11-25-16.mp4
  4. I tried normal in bigboy and got fortune box. Hehe
  5. Wait... Did Overlord's Den 6 also give fortune boxes?
  6. It is still good and worth it but it has big disadvantage too.however, i still use claw and i will use in future too
  7. Why not? Anyway, how should I farm too much gold coins in super mech?
  8. Yes, this idea is really good
  9. Right now it's working. But the screen black comes very very rare. Yesterday I do almost 40 pvp battles in which 2 battles gets screen black at the start of the match.
  10. My phone screen is good, it has no scratches in it. Even I have played other games and the screen does not get black on those games. It only happens in super mechs (only when I enter in PvP battles) and it happens very rare. But I think it has a problem on super mechs or maybe due to my Wifi.
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