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  1. Finally this cheat just ended
  2. I don't know if there is a topic about this,that already exists.Sorry if i duplicate it.
  3. NO New Campaign NO Ban wave NO New items NO Updates YES Offers YES Game is dying Why GatoGames is not doing anything about this? There are players who still play and support the game,We had a lot of updates with Tacticsoft all those years..now we are still waiting for something good but we see nothing changing.If they change these NO to YES and the opposite,then this game would be interesting again.That's my opinion as an OG,i was really happy when the campaign was changing again and again.They can solve it by promoting the game but they need to update it first.
  4. Hello everyone!! I am Nikos from "...CANDELA INC..." and i want to inform you that our clan needs 2 more members that can do the following rules: RULES 1. Get 85 wins during the 2v2 & 3v3 seasons and 200 wins during 1v1 season.(NOTE: the goal is 2k wins and 5k in 1v1 season,If the goal has been achieved and you do not have complete the job with your wins,then it is not necessary to continue ;) 2.Collect at least 100 tickets for TITAN and help us defeat him! 3.Participate in the War if your mechs are good enough to fight against top clans! 4.You must be Rank 4 at least to join us. 5. Be friendly,Serious during the war and feel free to ask us for help about your builds or anything you want! If you are interested to join in "...CANDELA INC..." you can send me a message in forum or you can find me in discord as well -->Nikos#2363
  5. Nikos

    Account Access

    Thank you so much for your help
  6. Hey everyone..I have a question about how easy is for someone to get access in an account with knowing only the username? And if you can change it somehow..Please help me if you know..i really want to avoid that guy who wants to scam it before it is too late..If he gets it,the devs cannot do anything about it..they are not gonna believe me.And btw it would be good if devs make more safety for the account.
  7. Nikos


    Where are the very first buffed portals? i have to see them some weeks
  8. yeah because it is pretty useless!
  9. Desert Fury is the physical type of Valiant sniper but it is not good enough.These stats are not for an L-M item.Should this get a buff?
  10. Hello everyone! Today i was wondering if my account is safe.I dont know what info should be safe too, except for username and password or ID.Can really someone scam me by sending a screenshot to devs from just my workshop or while fighting?(The scammer can get screenshots like these while im streaming with shareplay mode,or he/she can get it from me).Write me in comments what you know about account's safety!
  11. oh yeah.. i forgot! This would make the clan war boxes useless in my opinion
  12. Hello everyone! Today i would like to talk about Arena Coins.They are useful because they help you buff your stats! But what about for those players who have MAXED all the buffs?? After the expensive HP upgrade which costs 2.000 coins,Arena coins are useless for them.The idea is to make them usefull for ever.So,imagine if you could buy tokens,money,or TITAN coins by giving Arena coins! As you can see there are 3 empty slots.There could be 3 images of TOKENS,SM COINS,TITAN COINS but locked until you MAX all the other buffs. What do you think about it? let me know!
  13. yeah i made free space it is invite only until he joins
  14. yes i need to find you in chat first or try to join n your own,we have 1 slot for you
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