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  1. Hello everyone! Today i was wondering if my account is safe.I dont know what info should be safe too, except for username and password or ID.Can really someone scam me by sending a screenshot to devs from just my workshop or while fighting?(The scammer can get screenshots like these while im streaming with shareplay mode,or he/she can get it from me).Write me in comments what you know about account's safety!
  2. oh yeah.. i forgot! This would make the clan war boxes useless in my opinion
  3. Hello everyone! Today i would like to talk about Arena Coins.They are useful because they help you buff your stats! But what about for those players who have MAXED all the buffs?? After the expensive HP upgrade which costs 2.000 coins,Arena coins are useless for them.The idea is to make them usefull for ever.So,imagine if you could buy tokens,money,or TITAN coins by giving Arena coins! As you can see there are 3 empty slots.There could be 3 images of TOKENS,SM COINS,TITAN COINS but locked until you MAX all the other buffs. What do you think about it? let me know!
  4. yeah i made free space it is invite only until he joins
  5. yes i need to find you in chat first or try to join n your own,we have 1 slot for you
  6. I agree with you,I haven't seen a portal for days maybe weeks..I understand that they may have not ideas for new items,but they could make a new type of portal.For example,imagine an increased drop rate portal (For good legendary items),it would be so interesting and better than nothing! I mean they can find some ideas easily if they don't.
  7. 1 slot for you is free,you can join
  8. Sure what is your name in the game?
  9. I would like to promote a LOW RANK-ACTIVE clan called "The DoseGivers" This clan needs 4 more members.Here are the rules: 1) Minimum Wins: 35+ wins per season (Just the 5 daily wins). 2) Join clan war if you have 3 decend mechs. 3) Try to collect at least 40 TITAN tickets. 4) Fight the TITAN. 5) 3days offline gets kicked. 6) Most important.You must be rank 17 at least to join. 7) No hate speech. The goal of this clan is 1000 wins per season.As you can see from the picture this is the first time this clan hits 1000.And 4 members who were inactive got
  10. We really need this update thanks for listening to us!
  11. Gato Games started with a GREAT event!! We really appreciate that!! Did you guys like the event too?let me know!
  12. Base is something that the 50% of people like and the other 50% hate..New players cannot grind fast with the Base and they leave the game..This is an example of my friend who didn't like it and quited.I know that everyone can send a request for *Base disabling* but there are 2 problems on it. First problem: Not everyone knows or joins in supermechs' forum so,they think that *Base disabling* is impossible. Second problem: Almost everytime,Account managers do not even reply on these requests. Solution: You could put a button in account's info that disables the base.(Every
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