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  1. Is your Heat Hugger killing everything in sight but just feels like it's lacking because of that Swoop drone and its 112 heat damage? No need to fear because this drone will pull all your targets near! Distance won't be a problem once these rockets start flying and that Red Rain of yours will dearly thank you for giving it the distance-closing backup that it's been lacking! Get your SpineTapper today and give those distance builds a run for their money because you are the META of now and the future, so it's time to show your true colors and reveal that apex predator that lies dormant within your heart! Order now! With that classic advertisment-styled joke out of the way, I'ma be honest and say that having a heat Backstabber would make running a distance build harder to do, especially if the drone is energy-free and capable of doing good heat damage with its pull, because of how heat huggers rely on pull in order to ruin their target's heat stats with TerrorBlade. Having a heat pull drone to not only close that distance but also contribute to taking action points from that target would surely turn heat huggers into extreme headaches, if not absolute monsters to square off against. But that's just how I view it, so don't take it seriously at the very least.
  2. The weapons that don't have variants in specific elements either have a variant in that element that just looks different or they're meant to be unique purpose items designed to provide a more diverse combat experience. That, and some variants could potentially cause massive problems in combat due to being extremely strong when involved in already powerful combos or just being hard to compete against. For what I mean about the "variant but different look" thing, I'm talking about weapons like Abomination, which is basically the heat variant of Last Words and Terror Cry, or MortalBullet, which is the energy variant of Sorrow and Purifier. They look different but they're still bound together by the logic of variants. As for the whole "extremely strong variants", I'm pointing to things like physical pusher drones, heat/energy Claws, and physical Bunker Shells/Magma Blasts since those things without new variants are good in their own areas as is.. We really do not need a variant that could potentially be stronger than the current item(s) they're a variant of or an item that could start a cascade of chaos that eventually affects other items.
  3. Make power kits. That's basically it. Make nothing but power kits. For upgrading them, I just use common power kits to boost rare ones then after I run out of common kits and have max rared all the rare power kits that I can using food and common power kits, I use the remaining kits to upgrade an item. But that's just how I do things. You can also store the kits until every kit is max rare before upgrading something but it's up to you. In the end, having kits is the important thing while how you use them is a preference.
  4. If the game had in-game boss soundtracks (as in dev-made), I think these name would be fitting: Ramboy - Getting Started Exterminator - Bladed Nightmare Cyber Goat - High Velocity Molotov - Scorched Earth Sabertooth - Hypertension Senior Quads - Bullet Rain Bigboy - Executive Order [Bonus because why not?] God Mode - Demonic Uprising
  5. That's just your session updating itself while you're in the middle of combat. For how it occurs, it happens when a clanmate finishes a round against the titan and gets their round total while you're about to attack the titan. If those two instances happen simultaneously, the game will display the clanmate's round total in place of the damage value that you did against the titan. And yes, the Titan's HP also updates mid-battle when that occurs as shown by the fact that the HP bar goes down in accordance to the clanmate's round total. Also, no, it doesn't count towards your round total since it was the game updating the Titan's HP, so it's a visual thing only.
  6. Why? / Introduction I thought of this idea not to long ago and wondered about how it could enhance gameplay a little by providing a reactive aspect for resistances during combat. Sure, it's a really small detail at the end of the day but it could potentially make the gameplay look more "fresh" outside of the standalone damage details. Before you ask, no, this wasn't thought up to become a new item or feature that adds onto the existing resistance crisis that's currently going on in-game. It's solely thought up to be a cosmetic detail that indicates the level of resistance that a mech has outside of the simple resistance icons hanging out in the stats area of combat UI. Besides, if there's detailing to show changes in a mech's heat level, energy level, and HP, why not have an indicating detail that shows changes in a mech's resistance levels? Explanation As for what "reactive resistance detailing" is, it's essentially how shields in modern-era sci-fi shooter games work in terms of details (start off with a strong color then slowly degrade to a "critical" color state when close to being broken) but rather than 1 color, it would be 3 separate colors for each of the 3 element resistances (if there is any resistance on the mech to begin with, that is). Each elemental "shield" would start off with colors to match their elements and have a solid appearance but as a battle continues on and the resistances take damage from resistance breaking weaponry, their color will begin to darken in color and saturation until they reach their darkest shade before breaking (0 resistance or negative resistance thresholds). The rate of how the shield degrades is dependent on how much resistance the target mech has, so a low resistance mech's shields have a faster degradation rate than those of a high resistance mech's shields. Effects For effects, it would be easier if I made a list to show how the shields would react and stuff since paragraph form for that would lead to a really long paragraph.. So, here's what I was thinking for those effects: Stable (100% to 76% resistance) - Solid color in correspondence to the element resistance that is taking damage Moderate (75% to 51% resistance) - Darker shade of elemental color and will show signs of fading in and out Unstable (50% to 25% resistance) - Even darker shade of elemental color and will begin to pulsate in addition to the fading Critical (25% to 1% resistance) - Very dark shade of elemental color and will begin to rapidly pulsate and fade simultaneously Broken (0% resistance) - Bursts into fragments before dissolving; Mech will show sparks (similar to those of the sparks effect seen on nearly broken or energy broken mechs but gray-ish in color for differentiation ) to indicate that the shield(s) are no longer functional [Bonus] Resistance Pad - Stoic grey color with no effects, regardless of which state the shield(s) were in before being affected by resistance pads, until the broken phase, where the shield(s) would break exactly like normal but with grey color fragments rather than the critical phase color The Colors I wanted to add this segment in for those who were wondering about what the colors could look like (if Alex were to add it to the game, it could end up with different colors, effects, etc., so these are just potential ideas as to what they could be). Stable - Physical / Energy / Heat Moderate - Physical / Energy / Heat Unstable - Physical / Energy / Heat Critical - Physical / Energy / Heat Resistance Pad - All Elements Closing So, what do you guys think of the idea? Too complicated? Not enough detail? Wondering why the color samples are slightly off-key from each other? Let me know down below (as usual because comment sections are made for things like comments. Shocking, I know) and I may or may not respond but eh, feel free to do so anyways. Also, yes, I'm aware of the state of the game and that details are worthless when the game is in need of functional tweaks and banwave management but if there's one thing that's certainly been a bother, it's been the clashes of players and forum goers over topics such as clan politics, weapon rebalances, and the wellbeing of the game itself. What I'm trying to say is that while concern for these things is a nice way to provide feedback, it can have a negative impact if everyone focuses on them too much and for too long without taking the time to focus on things that aren't extremely sensitive. That's pretty much why I've been doing these types of posts rather than paying attention to the conflicts that are going on in the game. That, and it's really unhealthy to stress over these things for way too long because excessive stress could cause additional conflicts that branch out from the main poi- And now I'm getting off topic because of it, so I'm just gonna do a quick turnaround by saying that details could potentially make the game feel fresh and strengthen the unique atmosphere that separate SuperMechs from other mech games like War Robots. I mean, come on, this game's concept is basically a sandbox of culminated ideas, so why not try to think of ideas of your own and go wild with creativity? But anywho, that's it for this topic. Thanks for reading and I bid you all a good day. This is Whiteout, signing off.
  7. Am I the only one who's getting Initial D levels of Deja Vu from this topic? Anyone? Just me? I'm guessing it's just me
  8. Decent animation but I got really lost in the absolute bullet hell of effects.. I also found the chaos to be funny for some reason.. God, my sense of humor in the ways of randomness is weird But not bad for a SuperMechs game that allows you to freely move without turn limitations and have you fight against a custom boss rather than a titan that's a beefier culmination of everyday items
  9. Use Iron Boots over Rolling Beasts since Iron Boots are cheaper to upgrade/divine, provide good HP, look stylish overall, and are extremely versatile. Rolling Beasts, on the other hand, are really specific and are better off used on 4-8 ranged builds or scope builds that don't use retreat weapons
  10. If it was a sword-based launcher, I'd imagine it shooting mini Brightroars at the opponent and causing absolute hell for whoever becomes a literal pincushion of energy blades But hey, we definitely need a coil-type weapon over a sword yeeter because we seriously do not have any coils in-game.. We really need coils for diversity reasons
  11. Interesting idea but I have no idea where people are getting the sword thing from since that looks more like a tesla coil-type of weapon than a sword.. Also, I'm pretty sure there would've been a sword-like projectile shown if it was a sword launcher for 3-6 range combat Overall, though, it's still interesting and a fresh take separate from the usual beams and lasers that we usually see in terms of energy weapons
  12. I said that I would myth Anguish so that's exactly what I did
  13. I am the one who returns from the dead to speak in memes
  14. I am making mac and cheese and nobody can stop me!
  15. Quick Note I don't have a reason behind making this but I wanted to do something after mostly being silent on the forums, so I guess this will do. I'll also likely make a topic per tip in order to keep a single topic from becoming an infinite text wall due to being jammed with a lot of tips. No one wants to read something like that, right? Also, don't judge. I also may or may not actually make a series of topics surrounding this but only time will tell. Tip #1 Are ranged drones ruining your vibe? Are they putting cracks and dents into your arena winstreaks, making you feel utterly miserable after all that hard work gets stomped down the drain by a Tonto or Solar Torch? Well, there's a solution for that. Push/Pull/Retreat/Advance items may seem like an abnormal choice for dealing with ranged nuisances but, like with everyday ranged weapons, they can only do so much against a target that messes with their aim and puts them in an awkward situation where they can't get a shot off. This topic will give you some ideas as to how you can be the target that makes a target out of these flying annoyances. Ranger Dangers For the likes of the Short Rangers (Tonto/Firefly/Electrolyte), there are several interesting options to choose from (though, I'll only list a few for conventional reasons): - The Recoilers: The 1-2 recoilers won't knock those pests out of firing range but will definitely make them regret trying to close the distance. The 2-4 recoilers, however, will rain on their parade with their high damage and add insult to injury by hitting them out of firing range (the only time where a Short Ranger can fire after being hit by a 2-4 recoiler is when the recoiler fires at 2 range, which knocks the target to 4 range, the very edge of firing range) - Red Rain: This missile launcher may seem weird in design and functionality but those weird aspects are enough to mess with the likes of angry drones with vendettas against humanity (Note: A 4 range Red Rain shot will move a target to 2 range, which won't prevent a Short Ranger from firing) - Backstabber: What's special about this drone? What good will it do when it does less damage than a Tonto and doesn't do any resistance break per shot? Well, if you pair it with a Night Eagle, it becomes one hell of a manipulator that knocks Short Ranger users around until they can't tolerate the range abuse anymore. It surely seems like a pointless idea but if a Tonto can't keep a streak of consistent shots, what good will it do against an infinite-range drone that can keep dishing out punishment while humiliating its range-limited target? - The Hammers: It's pretty self-explanatory. These things will knock any Short Ranger to the edge of their firing range and leave them vulnerable to a 2-4 push weapon strike that puts them out of their comfort zone. They also do some really hefty damage that any person would rather not deal with, so that's an added bonus. Just don't forget to have utilities and pull weapons to assist the hammers or you'll find yourself struggling to get a hit on your opponent - The Evacuators: Though normally used for scope or range alternation builds, these tactical retreat weapons can be a hell for Short Rangers due to their 2 retreat and 1 knockback nature. Of the 3 Evacuators, Ejection Blast is a major force to be reckoned with due to the damage that is paired with the retreat and knockback, so it will definitely put those short ranged drones through their paces. Just beware of corners because they are the natural born hunters of retreat weapons - Corners: Speaking of corners, a Short Ranger user won't be able to fully retaliate against someone who forces them into a corner unless they have a shotgun or a hammer, so don't hold back any punches once one meets an unfortunate arrangement with a corner. They will also struggle to retaliate if you're the cornered one because only a recoiler (if they have one) shot will get them out of 1 range. Ironic, right? As for the Long Rangers (Solar Torch/Flaming Spear/Rail Gun), they're a similarly different story. Some of the aforementioned items would benefit them instead of hinder them but others will be just as much of a pain for them as they are for the Short Rangers. The items that are a pain for such drones are (the short number of examples are due to the same reasons as mentioned above): - Red Rain: The weird missile launcher makes a grand return to be a pain for any spearheaded drone that gets into its firing range. Though rather limited by its 2-4 range (vs the 3-6 range of the Long Rangers), it has a 100% chance to throw Long Ranger users off once it gets a hit in instead of the specific conditions that it had in knocking Short Rangers off their course - Burning Shower: The other weird missile launcher ironically arcs its way into being a pain for Long Rangers just like Red Rain. However, this missile launcher has a 3rd barrage in its ammo feed and no energy requirement for Rail Gun to impede, making it into a force to be reckoned with once its 2 pull comes into play - Corners: The environment's back to screw any cornered or cornering Long Ranger user because unlike the Short Rangers, any simple 1 push shot from 1 range won't allow the drone to fire, so they'll be forced to double down on that push if they want to get that drone shot in by the end of the turn. - Backstabber: The flattened grenade-launching Void's back again to become a 1 pull nuisance but an even greater nuisance now that a simple hit at 3 range is enough to make their target into an uncomfortable mess. Effect is boosted by Night Eagle/Grim Cobra/Red Rain/Burning Shower - The 3-6 Pull Grenade Launchers: Self-explanatory; If they can't shoot, neither can the flying spears that are trying to hit you - The Evacuators: This isn't a joke. They're great at jumping out of 3-6 range just as great as they're at jumping out of 2-4 range, making them a pain for any Ranger to deal with as they continuously jump out of drone firing range. Once again, just beware of corners because those pieces of the environment are out for blood, regardless of the victim that meets their demise from their surprising amount of interference that comes from 2 basic poles that are in the middle of nowhere. Don't judge things based on size and/or looks, I guess Closing Welp, that's everything I've got for this topic. What do you guys think of it? Should I make another topic for a new tip or trick? Got any suggestions for that new topic? Leave your thoughts, ideas, or contributions in the comments below. It'll help with giving me ideas for topics to add onto this series and show that the series is appreciated (appreciation is a big thing that helps me consider with continuing with something, which is why I brought that up). So, with that out of the way, I thank you all for taking the time to read this topic and I wish you all a good day/night. This is Whiteout, signing off.
  16. He was saving his best weapon for last.. Think of it as his desperation move in case of a losing battle. It doesn't do damage or actually do anything, unfortunately, which is the sad part about that move but it really puts the desperation in desperation move.
  17. My heat mech desperately tries to be a heat hugger in OD-6.. .. It's a heat mech with Overcharged Rocket Battery, Magma Recoiler, and Burning Shower. I'm pretty sure that weapon combo does not constitute as a sword-wielding monstrosity with Swoop as a companion of destruction.
  18. When I saw this topic, the memories of the long bans that I've experienced came back to me.. To say the least, those bans were a lot more uncomfortable to sit through than I originally expected, especially the month-long ban that I sat through back on the Tactisoft forums. Rest in Piece to the fallen ones (who didn't deserve the sudden end to their runs). May their names maintain their meanings on these very forums and live on for as long as these forums continue to live.
  19. Literally no correlation between Nemo and Annihilation other than rarity, which is too widespread to be using for said correlation. They're also energy-free but still, that's a really far-out correlation to be doing. Nightfall
  20. A man of valor, dedication, and sheer [redacted] will. That joke is used in a joking and literal sense for this situation because that's a lot of battles to be enduring just to enforce your side of a forum debate over a quarrel between 2 top-mounted physical weapons that pretty much do the exact same thing at the end of the day: To ruin the days of others through resistance breaks and HP shredding.
  21. Finally.. A tier list that exposes Interceptor's true nature.
  22. That's basically what Sacrifice Cannon is, just add backfire and make it really light.
  23. I have a single question.. Why is there a Frantic Brute discussion in a topic about a top-mounted, 6-barreled, explosive damage-oriented, 3-use missile launcher that's good for combos involving 4-8 range weapons? Wait- Nevermind, this is a topic about a physical backfire Bunker Shell. Continue the discussion as per usual- Don't mind me, I simply forgot that this argument existed in the first place.
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