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  1. I am reminding you of the rules, witch hunt is not allowed. Please report instead.
  2. Thats an excellent point!!
  3. Its painful to see them give up on base or say its trash lol Often other people are able to help direct someone as well, so I dont do it every single day, thankfully :D
  4. Information> Request your base to be disabled.
  5. Oh, which work would you like to be given? And how would you help improve the game from your work position?
  6. I see you arent familiar with sarcasm, its okay. Also, even if you and others believe these dramatic posts will help with something, or that ''quitting topics'' will touch someone;s heart... you are wrong honestly. Yes we all want the game to be fun, but are you helping it improve? No. All you do is complain and expect it to magically imporove. Not just that, but also contributing to the toxicity of the overall community. Saying ''game is dying waaaaa'' and the rest of crying sentences arent helping, and thats a fact. Find a way to contribute to the game improval, because this is just getting boring. I dont mean personally you, but since you quoted me I will answer in plural.
  7. Information > Request for your base to be disabled. Please do some reading before you make a topic, its literally one of the easiest things to find on this forum.
  8. As much as I respect your opinion, its getting old and boring to read the same opinions every day. Theres been so many of these type of topics I cant even count. Please come up with something new and interesting.
  9. Did your tokens get removed or not? Please check your inventory, it probably went there if the tokens got removed.
  10. Marija

    Silver boxes

    Im just speaking from my own experience and I also spoke to other people about their experience, which was positive. If you do plan to play seriously, by that I mean reach top ranks etc, be competitive basically, base is a must, and its pretty much the best long term investment you can make in the game. It is annoying and expensive in lower ranks but if you overcome that, it gets so much better and easier.
  11. You are doing awesome actually, I thought you were at complete 0 lol Keep it up, it will pay off trust me. Upgrade the other mines slowly and dont worry. Enjoy the game!
  12. Hmm if you really are in a hurry to get legendaries, then force one. But if not, then slowly upgrade all of them over time. Of course upgrade everything over time, just set priority. Make sure you upgrade arena shop for base, it will cost less gold and time to produce items.
  13. You arent gonna get any legendaries from the silver boxes anyway. Base gives you gold and requires no attention really, you can do arena or campaign and base works for you. I got some pretty good stuff from base, often myth food. Also, gold isnt that hard to earn if you farm
  14. Marija

    Silver boxes

    Yes, if you get your base disabled ( I dont advise as base is better) you will have silver boxes back and the price stays the same.
  15. This is my personal advice and the way I do things. First, obviously BASE BASE BASE! Craft legendaries, kits to upgrade them, myth food to transform and etc. Then, if you are f2p like I am, save tokens!! Wait for good offers and deals, buy them instead of packs and boxes. Its not hard at all to save up at least 1000 tokens per month if you do daily stuff, RAID etc. Just make sure you save them and use smartly. Also, farm fortune boxes in campaign. They can drop legendaries as well.
  16. I literally said why can it take weeks to get disabled up there... Have patience please!
  17. Bases are getting disabled in bunches, meaning you might have to wait for a bit to get it disabled as they arent going to ''handle you alone'' but disable a lot of bases at once. Please have patience after sending your request.
  18. This could've been in the memes topic... Why do you need to make an entire topic for a single meme..
  19. If you want to get to know the community better, chill and chat with SM people about anything, doesnt have to be just SM I think you should join the discord server. After all its you who choses when and how you spend your time, but since you seem to like the community it might be fun for you
  20. See you next week! Have a good break!
  21. Having an option to get your base disabled is just a good will of Alexander, you are not entitled to it, nor is anyone. He does it because he wants, not because he has to.. And yet people find a way to complain. The base was already improved a lot, and has more and more advantages. I believe the plan is for it to become so good ( its already good ) that everyone uses it. It is a struggle at the beginning until everything is maxed, but its soo worth it and will pay off.
  22. Im going to close this topic after carefully reading what you all had to say. I need to say Im impressed, you beat yourselves. I didnt want to get involved but I have to, apologies in advance for the consequences of your own actions.
  23. We will all find out when/if that offer comes, but until then stop drinking your bother's water
  24. No, I did not buy the today's offer , I got this in base this morning #BaseIsGood
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