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10x speed button for campaign


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It wouldn't work, there are already so many glitches in 2x speed (hammer completely screws up the mechs), and sometimes the mechs stop working completely. So 4x would destroy the game, let alone 10x.

I literally pulled an MPV from r3 box, and from the other r3 box I opened, I puleld plat fortress, so its holy sry whiteout

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47 minutes ago, NAME_NOT_FOUND said:

With fuel in the mix now, running through PVE is still limited by fuel regen, so a 5x or 10x would just alleviate the time sunk into PvE grinding, freeing time for PvP.. its not a terrible idea.

The idea is brilliant but the execution of the idea ...



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14 hours ago, Fordekash said:

10x speed button


14 hours ago, Fordekash said:


A game I played about 7 year ago had a "skip attack" button.

If you press it the game will use some algorithm to figure out if you will win or not (rather than running the battle simulation). If you would pass this algorithm check (even if you might not win because, say, bad rolls), you instantly get the full reward. However because of the broken algorithm, even if, say, your mech can run through the mission 5 times nonstop (without health restore in the process), you might still fail the algorithm check (and fail the mission).

It was a non-prem feature because that game is silly. I hope it won't be prem (as in, if it is prem then i won't get to use it).

If we had such thing, then the "insta attack" shall be available after the "insane" difficulty of that node is cleared normally (or only available to a 100% campaign).

It still sound incredibly broken, though, but it can be changed so you don't get any xp if you skip attack (or reduced xp) or the like.

It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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