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  1. So...Swoop got a buff? How was I supposed to know?I have searched the entire forum and I couldn't find a single thread about any balance updates. Am I doing something wrong here?In the last forum,it'd be literally the first thing to pup up immediately after entering the page.
  2. I highly agree to Elcent and,at this point,everyone who is not SawzAll. The moment this forum notifies me of a thread and tells me ''Elcent,X,Y,blah blah... and *SawzAll* replied to this thread*'',I know I'm better off not even bothering to check it out. Again,thanks for a good thread LG and it's something that hasn't been suggested in way longer than it should have.Let's hope for a buff in the near future.The way this new team seems,it's not a problem of ''if or not'',but rather a question of ''when and how''.I have my hopes for this although,personally,this doesn't change much overall;game experience remains the same because of other aspects that apparently have no way around.
  3. 200 IQ answer,thank you very much. I wasn't saying that.I was saying that,in order to not wanna smash half of your room an hour later,you would just resume to R3 instead of R1. As where your mechs have R1 potential,have reached R1 many times already yet it's too troublesome and not worth it to do it anymore,so you just reach whatever rank you reach before getting blood-boiled. This? Agreed.Although this isn't such an urgent or by any means,game-experience-breaking issue.But yeah,it's be nice. I am very thankful you stated that it was *just* your opinion. Also,most of those ''toxic'' people that didn't move were actually the most useful,nicest and best players and members.If I were you,I'd edit that section before someone else sees it. No,I didn't say that in case you forgot how to read.Also,try to stay *slightly* on topic. Many people do.Andm I think the numbers are already proof enough.The general vibe is nowehere near as good or dense anymore. I did.Guess what? No,didn't guess? Well then,welcome to this thread,Mr. Know-It-All-Deep-Research-Expert. Then let's prove it. If you do care,you care equally as much on discord as well as on the forum.And no,I personally hate discord so I'll be resuming to the forum. Well,thank you...There may be some with even worse experiences,but it's just that these many years of nonsense kinda burn you out. Like literally. One prem box in my country is 5 RON.A pack is 25 RON,for which you can buy a pack of cigarettes and 2 big cups of 3in1s. Or a kilo of meat.Or a pizza and 3 energy drinks. And no,you get no pizza,but rather epic and epic food.
  4. Okay,first of all,here's my account's ID: 27655294 and it goes by the name of Viltusial(TM). Why is this...? --- Well,first of all,I can't even play properly.The only thing that works on PC is the downloadable version,which shoves an ad down your gut after destroying every single other enemy.I get 3 ads per OD6 mission and around 6 per BigBoy mission,which makes farming practically IMPOSSIBLE.Okay?I'm SICK of the ads.Not to say it's laggy and (words). --- Second of all,if the unbearability of the app isn't enough to deter me from ditching any interest in SM almost instantly ight down the drain,let's say I do somehow join and not leave after 30 seconds anymore.Then what of it? I haven't received my Season Rewards for the past 3 WEEKS now. And the Arena is,although definitely less cancer than before,still very obnoxious and painful to behold.So you just resume at 5 matches to not frustrate yourself due to the game's nonsense,reach a rank way lower than you really should since it's futile bothering for what you are up to and for what?And the next week,you try again.You play 100s of (word) matches,you BOIL your blood from inside your veins and eyes,you reach the rank you deserve after WAY too much struggle,for which no sane person would work so much or consider even slightly worth it,and for what? For you to get missing Season Boxes. And even if you do somehow fix this.HOW DO YOU MAKE IT UP TO ME?By giving me 5 Common-Epic epic cards?Like you've been giving me for years on end? ARE YOU JOKING or literally mocking me?And if you can't even make the effort worth it,don't you dare in your life to tell me to just ''Pack your things up and move on if you don't like it''. --- Third of all,because I would *PROBABLY* bear with the UNBEARABLE if I even knew if it was worth it. And I'm talking about the forum.It isn't JUST the format,but the quantity,the sorting and also quality of the posts. back then,on the PROPER forum,you could see the event's discussion of each day respectively along with many other threads and replies.And it was all at the top of the list;such ease and pleasure of browsing;no pages,no useless sections,no 1000% zoom-in and there were more than 2 replies fit on one screen. Here,what do we have? Barely a few dozens (if) of replies a day and no interest to bring in further discussions.Many sections so you have to look for what you wanna see,while it's probably inexistent (because again,noone bothers anymore) or maybe because it's in another section.Oh,too bad,there are no previews. And then what page do you choose?And how much time to you waste scrolling for 3 replies not half as much as you scrolled for 20 on the other forum? And if you find something,are you really going to bother replying with these...fonts,functionalities and formats? Who knows,too much and...Oh no,you're not going to... You're just going to close both things and do something else. --- Then the next day you wake up,you maybe wanna try again,you see an event,BAM 1000 ADS POP UP,BAM NO REWARDS,BAM IMBALANCE AND PAINFUL GAMEPLAY BAM BAM BAM and then you just quit. Congratulations,new SM. Half of these issues would be non-existent if Flash was still around,so I can't fully blame you. Although I fully blame you for refusing to fix any of it so that browser gameplay wouldn't have been mandatory and instead equally as good as the downloaded ver. Just my 2 cents;it's not like anybody cares about anything around here anymore so...do whatever you want with them.But I,for one,am sick.And yeah,you gotta face the truth,general interest,both in the game and especially in the forum,has and will gradually diminish. Again,congratulations SM for welcoming the players inside your warm walls. Forgot to mention: Drop rates.It seems my account is still rigged RNG-wise.No,I'm not paranoid;just take a closer look. And I am aware that no matter how many pay codes I send you to prove I'm not a rando,be it of 3 or 20 euros,nothing will change.Drop rates,ads,balance,support,care.Very nice.
  5. It's going slower than my ex's neuronal impulses.
  6. May exchange the AWP for some other replica. I think a SVD or a SVU will fit better in here. Edit: OOOKAY SOMEONE IS OFFERING AN RPK FOR IT.Holy shit!
  7. Wait,we're both romanian after all?
  8. No,I didn't :laughing: It's just that I cut my sides with 0.5.Although I got kinda a 2-ish in the video. I bought the gear separately,in batches.By that I mean different sites,yet most of it comes from Mil-Tec (real millitary gear producer) and a couple other brands. That means oqtagon.ro (airsoftcluj.ro),a blouse from kaki.ro,some original (new and worn) pieces from millitarysurplus.ro and the vest and a few pouches from squadstore.ro. In rest,I got a few more pouches and mods from selling groups around here (inside Romania),mostly from facebook then you negociate via phone call or sms. In one word,I got all of mine from the internet and got it deliver by courier.Although I got an original Romanian Army (MAPN) blouse from an acquaintance,a few authentic patches and also real wood furniture for my PM-90 (coming from a PA-86 but it's the same outer portion).
  9. video-1611300398.mp4 Made ''small'' upgrades and modifications,both externally and,as you can see (or hear),internally. I apologize I couldn't properly catch it on camera;it's like volume equalization thing but even with it,I think you can...notice... I turned my PM-90 (romanian AK) into a very loud and savage abomination.The background music was full volume too so that it doesn't sound so horrible to my neighbors,yet to no avail. I kid you not,yes;that thing is now so incredibly loud that I have to turn my speakers to max volume and it still doesn't cover any of the sound.And I'll consider wearing some ear protection when I have a feeling I'll use it a lot during some day. Edit: Yes,of course,that's me
  10. Oh,Clevername's META,20 years of experience old man old worker,F-(random number),energy,realism,opinion. OH will you just shut up and stop with this nonsense already? Look,it's not bad. But instead of doing that and literally cutting down both the factor of variety and of multitude of choices,why not make energy mechs *on par* as in *on the same level* with such mechs? No,I don't mean buffing the entire energy type (although that doesn't sound so bad,so long as EMP and UPC don't get a buff but rather a massive fix).I mean buffing certain key items like...you guessed...WINDFORGE! Just as heat has say...Sorrow;phys has all these very few couple win-condition energy-free items,energy could have its win-conditions,starting with a Windforge rework and a few other items.And by that,I mean a *very* few items.
  11. Yes,I spent a few hundreds. I don't understand why it's this horrifyingly bad then!Especially why some get ads and others don't.
  12. Wow! That's a beautiful collection! That G3 really suits you,too.
  13. Just as the title says...I don't know,but my Windows SM seems to have more than one problem.Logged in on the phone version and completely lost it. There are so many issues in the game that makes just playing it a completely horrendous ordeal,not to say unworthy of any struggle. So now it's not enough that my drop rates are zero,that I wasted money in this game for epic fodder,that I run on an unplayable game that's unbalanced nonetheless,that has such horrible events and often microtransactions,with useless and boring features such as the Titan,that none of the frustration gathered by playing in an unbalanced arena on a broken client is compensated by any volume of Season Rewards,since they're SO BAD,as in only epic fodder. NOW I CAN'T EVEN HAVE MY EPIC FODDER?? I AM SICK. SICK TO THE BONE!
  14. I did in an attempt. It seems the problem is the app itself,not the resources it consumes from the PC.It did consume less but it had no effect;same freezing and every-enemy unskippable ads.
  15. At least for me,the portal is beyond horrible,but hey,it seems my account had shitty drop rates from day 1 of its existence and nobody even bothered to check because *SM devs*. And holy heck,the Windows version is terrible and unbearable to play on.
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