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  1. Quick reminder that most of EFA users do not need energy.
  2. So, my question is: Why is it so hard to just go into this game's configs(or whatever it's called) and change the chance of getting legendary item from 0.01% to 10-15%? Literally, it shouldn't take THAT much time.
  3. By that he meant Alexander. It's his pfp.
  4. I hope this is a joke. Much more. 100-600k.
  5. Avenger is not underrated, it's trash+outdated.
  6. Ofc it's Shogun. A little close to 700k HP.
  7. You sound more clown-ish for saying that.
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, here you can see another topic which started another flamewar. No need to start arguing, trying to prove your point, replying, attacking, targeting, and etc. it's pointless to do so, you can't change their minds anyway; you're just wasting your time. Instead you can grab the popcorn and watch another drama
  9. As I know, they aren't disabling base anymore. Might be wrong tho.
  10. SM and fair are parallel lines.
  11. Day 5885285 of waiting for a Supreme Legendary Chest offer.
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