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  1. I also didn't receive the notification on my phone
  2. You say your in mid 40s and now you say your a student...
  3. What's your paycheck in the air force? I mean how much
  4. That's the problem. I can't lmao
  5. Well it is my main mech. Physical. I can't find a physical drone. I have 1500+ HP. Any drone to recommend?
  6. 7 emp on a mech. Imagine... Or 7 heat bombs... Or in shorter words... nO
  7. Congratulations about the clan but I'll pass. I have a clan and can't get 5 wins a day lmao
  8. I think add a repulser?. And a question. How to use the Snack drone.
  9. I think reduce the common and rare crafts? And now common and cheap common well... Cheap is more expensive than common... And reduce crafting time... That's all my feedback...
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