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  1. oh. i understand... hope that coins to tokens exchange comes XD (tbh im kidding that would be too OP)
  2. actually took me 5 minutes to read. Also base gives you tokens???????
  3. Buy tokens lol or just save up and dont buy boxes. i saved up to 1098 tokens rn and well... took a few months... I didnt ad farm tho cuz ad also glitches for me. Raid and portals work for me
  4. I dont play clan war so... not sure... sorry... reasons are 1. Clan wars always happen in midnight to me 2. my clan is trash. every member in it is my alts
  5. Why there isn't a bullet indicator on how much bullets you have lel
  6. Yay finally here. Thanks @Raul OK this looks really weird lmao Something missing from torsos. God mode I think cuz I didn't see god mode there
  7. I also didn't receive the notification on my phone
  8. You say your in mid 40s and now you say your a student...
  9. What's your paycheck in the air force? I mean how much
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