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What are your 2022 goals?



The new year approaches! What goals do you have for 2022?


I would like to finish 2v2 insane.

finish 3v3 hard.

max out second set of red and yellow massive feet.

max about 10 weapons I have been holding on to for most of 2021 😩.

finish in top 100 on raid every week🤷‍♂️

add about 20 inventory slots!

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  1. get over 1000 unopened boxes. (currently have 530)..... i'm not collecting just to collect. i just don't have room and decided to collect some for fun.... btw, they are all mix boxes. i do open other boxes because i know i might actually get good stuff in them. 
  2. get at least 1 E-M or L-M phys res drainer because i don't have any. 
  3. get at least one of the following: 
    1. sorrow
    2. distance shredder
    3. quad core / overload preventor
    4. valiant sniper

Discord: Aftokrator#9688

DeviantArt: Azorsia05 User Profile | DeviantArt

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5 hours ago, mohamed Alpatal Khalaf said:

you Lie, your 2nd Mech is Full of Legendary items except the Torso is Myth (-_-)


6 hours ago, Ur Hacking said:

Fully myth my second mech

his message is in the topic "What are your 2022 goals?" clearly his means to imply that it is his objective to max his second mech, not a reality actually .



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Super mech 2022 goals- Get all my first mech items to max mythical (4 items left), try replacing hysteria with valiant sniper(both 2 valiant snipers required) start working on second mech when done and third mech can be taken care of later XP.
Out of game goals- 
Chess- Reach rating of 1650+ in blitz(1578 rn) shouldn't be that hard.
Coding- Just continue with basic game development we will work on actually developing game later.
School and Studies- Get 97+% in final exams of school in term 2 ( our exams are separated in 2 terms, term 1 was done on january and I got 98% with 100% in maths and science and rest were 96+. And continue with medals spree for competitive exams :P.
Yeah pretty busy schedule with tons of goals honestly really hoping I can achieve all of them my parents and teachers have high expectations too!  

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