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  1. No no! Its free version is also available on play store
  2. Im back with a new game name :Gale of windoria Features Best graphics Role playing Best story Just like a comic Dislikes: Mb over 200 May some people dont like Long story Anyways try it and rate it in 0/10 ok bye ur soul burner
  3. Lol i will not bcs ot have 4 characters if i complete Maximus then i will begin to use Mount then Quinn and then Lunae it will take 7yrs lol i will grow up in that so for that its a worth
  4. That game is awesome Name Shadow Of Death It has arena and raid boss and a blood tower in challenges it is a offline game which you can play it online too no forced ads literally no ads are in that game it also have campain Named Node bosses looks very realistic you you will level up you can unlock new skills and powers and Power point to which can make ur skill more better but arena and raid boss and blood tower will be closed you have to level up and clear all the campain and unlock that and arena also will have rewards when you start in arena you will get a bronze rank you have to earn 6 star in each division and if you want to get your reward then click on the bag which will glow then go on promotional and boom you will get better reward as you will progress but remember if you defeat in that you will lose a star same in raid boss if you killed the boss 5 times in normal then you can claim ur reward from the bag same as arena you also have costumes you can craft weapons armor accesory and you can own a pet too and if you want know more about that game then download it Search Shadow Of Death Its a super SUPER better game than Supermechs Trust me im currently level 35 in that ok bye (Lol its also the reason bcs i dont check forums) -Your Soul Burner
  5. Um, how do you feel now?


    Do you know the design I made?


    I've actually given up on this game many times, and I looked back on this game (I want to try it again.) I'm continuing now.


    For the time being, I will continue this forum.

    Good Luck

    By Yukiya.

  6. I started to play Fancy pants adventures and Dan the man Those are best
  7. Shut up poop scooping spoon Also a good news i gotten 2 new games 1st: Fancy pants adventures 2nd: Dan the man Those are best
  8. Yeah it seem boring i will not leave forums any other game option btw i like action games
  9. Bruh i will never return bcs that game is become Boring! I found a new game named Mech arena
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