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  1. if i remember correctly...... my first 3-4 month was very lucky, got some really good l-ms and basically had a fully functioning phys mech. i remember fooding a rusty blue monkey and a slightly upgraded seraphblade for a malice beam and ... something else, can't remember. i also, for the first 1 and a half year or so, bought only prem boxes since i thought the gratification was more instant. 335 tokens does take a long time especially when i don't have ads. speaking of ads, for the first 2 years of this account, i used an adblocker, which meant i missed all that free stuff and the 60 tokens EVERY DAY. ... and ... back then, i never once thought of building a heat mech, so i never kept ANY heat drones in my inventory (i also never had any l-m heat drones). and now that i started to get into heat, starting with a boiler a few month ago, i had absolutely no heat drone to use. .... that was pretty sad. these two might not have been such a horrible mistake, but i still consider it to be pretty bad: one: i divined a zark like 2 weeks before the windigo buff, making my newly divined zark completely useless now that i have a divine windigo for my boiler. two: used a star paint (blue july 4 paint) on my maxed rolling beasts.... maxed just a while before stone feet came out...... but since i didn't get a stone feet until 2-3 month after it came out, the rollers worked fine.
  2. imo, it's good enough that you got a vest and a prem roller in the first two month. my first two month was still all maxed epics
  3. it's now called Fenrir. energy type, rare to epic. looks very similar but otherwise very different
    a little too much purple on the blade. add more colors. (and don't forget to make it gradient). otherwise, looks pretty nice.
    hmm, the teeth looks really good. just need an outline.
  4. english please. thank you. disabling base can take up to a few months. just wait for it and be patient. .... ..... and please don't make more base disabling related topics.... it's getting annoying.
  5. That still can't cover for all of it. there's no point attacking when you're already dead spread it out a little more. and the ene and heat cost seems a bit low imo
  6. hmm, i don't really care, so yes i guess
  7. lizard torsos are special edition, just like the sabretooth, which is basically the same as zark
  8. AftoKrator


    well, i honestly don't see anything wrong with having all slots filled. as long as: you have all that extra weight after modules and utilities if it doesn't have range gaps...... cuz whats the point of having 6 weapons with the same range. at the same time, have more weapons also does give a higher chance of reaching more range tiles compared to have less weapons.
  9. alright, now things are that simple. amount of titan reward depends on the difficulty of the titan. the stronger the titan, if you do the same amount of dmg and tickets, you'll get more rewards. most of the time, getting more pure dmg is better than getting more pure tickets, so it's best to get both. IMPORTANT: if you don't kill the titan or do not unlock it before it leaves, you'll get halved the supposed reward you see on the titan reward list. other than that a titan lasts 3 days... none of your numbers makes any sense. yes, PC is different and is a real pain. afk doesn't really work because you have to check back whenever ads appear and if you stay on the ad too long, you'll get another one. from my experience, first ad comes after killing first enemy.... or losing/quitting. my phys mech takes on average a little less than 2 minutes to auto-farm OD6 once. on good days when i remember to check back for ads, i can run at most 3 OD6 before seeing an ad. most if the time, the ad comes half way through the 3 mission. with that, i estimated that an ad will come up every 5 minutes or so. ..... on PC, ofc.
  10. wow. so this place didn't die, huh. 549
  11. hmm, that is an option, but it does cost tokens...... which should be used more wisely imo. and for those who can afford it, i think the 500 clan coin for 3 day prem account might be a better deal than the 8 hours. I might be a little wasteful, but clan coins are a lot easier to come by than tokens despite the amount difference.
  12. for me, it's : 1. quad cores 2. valiant sniper 3. sorrow 4. Legendary divine relics 5. terror blade ... edited: 1. quad core 2. falcon 3. swoop 4. valiant sniper 5. distance shredder
  13. ... ok. here's the thing with ads. Ads happen roughly once every 5 minutes when doing campaign/raid/portal. 5 minutes as in if you use autoplay and do a mission after another with minimal lag time between the end of an old mission and the start of a new missions. Other thing is that ads are only triggered after fighting an enemy, doesn't matter whether you win or not. If it's your first mission after a long time (like 10-30 minutes) an ad will trigger upon defeating your first enemy. If you do your missions quickly as I mentioned above, then you can run 2-3 missions without seeing an ad. Also, from my experience, if you just had an ad, and took roughly 3 minutes to defeat your next opponent, you will get another ad. Occasionally, upon losing or quitting a battle, if you click in the "close ad" section, you can skip the ad entirely. (doesn't always work) Also, if you know what ads are, they are meant to be annoying and appear when you least want to see them. And so, that'll naturally make them inconvenient.
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