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  1. probably need some more cooling, 96 is a bit low, ofc, if you are not rank 10 yet, that might just do fine.... (i'm not entirely sure tho)
  2. I've recently discovered that i have 2 sets of physical weapons. I just don't know which one to use. Also the two sets weighs the same. Set 1: Spartan Carnage, Nightfall, Mercy, Night Eagle Set 2: Spartan Carnage, Nightfall, Annihilation, Rock Recoil Also, i have spartan and mercy maxed, but not divine. Annihilation and nightfall is divine. And rock recoil is lvl 40 legendary.
  3. try Photopea (Photopea | Online Photo Editor) its basically Adobe Photoshop, but not Photoshop, its online and can be used offline, free, browser based (with app), and basically have all the Photoshop tools. Also, i use Photopea for all my drawings, i'm currently working on a lava paint design with interceptor the main setup looks like this... pls dont judge the drawing, its still work in progress
  4. honestly the icon looks kinda dull (no offense) and why pixlr also, it just looks like zebra paint, but follows uses the item's design to separate the colors instead of zebra pattern
  5. why is the title "Original Topic Idea"?, its misleading
  6. how many slots are open? i might consider joining also, whats the miniumu rank
  7. I dont see how the titan coin thing will be any good for the 8 hour prem account. ... since the prem account has a time limit, and all the boosts are only effective during that time limit, i'd say, you can do 10-15% more damage to titans during that time, but having more coins doesn't really make sense Also, titan rewards are rewarded 3 (or 2 idk) days, increasing titan reward will only be in effect if you buy the prem account right before you collect them, which is honestly kinda hard for some people who do not farm the game 24 hours a day. I mean, just imagine. waking up in the mid
  8. is that me or someone else?? plus, blaming droprates isn't gona get anywhere, because its completely based on LUCK. And if you see all your friends move up faster than you... all i an say is just wait for it, your luck will come..... and there's also the saying of "beginner's luck" and especially in this game, its much easier to get tokens for starters than later on because missions only get harder. With that said, even if Gato were to up the droprates, you can still equally bad luck and your friends might still have equally good luck.... so rebalance wouldn't really do anything for
  9. only 60+ res? ... man, i have a maxed MPV and a not-really-upgraded mighty protector for 121 res, maxed stone feet, maxed weapons and drone, and yet, i am still dying like crazy in rank 11-9 arena..... All because my mods are all less than lvl 20 legendary...... see, having mods are a very very important aspect to winning arena. if you every see those few players with over 1000 heat/ene, they look op, but if that bar fills up or gets completely drained, its still a really big problem, since you can't have both super high regen/cooling and super high caps. @Berosanakoyar, with
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