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  1. hmm, not a good choice. using backfire drones with low hp is suicidal. I recommend using void until you get to about 2000 hp. then, selfish protector will be a considerable option
  2. i thought we've gone over this before.......... it's good enough that the game still lets you use and keep legacy items. i personally think the only reason it's still there is because of the fan demand that TS keep it..... otherwise, it would've been removed ages ago. and why is this in introduction????
  3. i do them from time to time. nowadays, i'm working on some portfolio project and stuff to put on my DeviantArt page. my project rn is an animated scene of a sunset from an airplane window. after i finish this one, i'll get back to fanarts .... and i'm busy trying to swat the billion flies circling my lamp
  4. ... did you change the key? it sounds different from the other covers i've heard
  5. if you want to draw things that glow, the simplest method is to draw something. make a copy/duplicate of that thing/layer and stuff it under the first one. Blur the layer on the bottom..... size of glow depends on amount of blurriness. ... and that's a glowing... object/thing.
  6. so... a cannon that shoots a sword...... interesting. is it gonna stick out of the opponent mech after being shot?
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    If you're waiting for your base to be disabled...... have patience.
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