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  1. Hmm, what to call this?? Mortal Confetti? or Confetti Bullets?
  2. i just realized this, but whats the black spot at the bottom of the confetti recoiler
    The gradient on the sith looks kinda weird... but looks pretty nice.
  3. @Spam, on the overview page, you misspelled the 4th "Confetti!" in line 44. It's missing a "t".
  4. Wait.... what.. are these things??? i don't quite follow.... i get what a trebuchet is irl, but not in SM
  5. Trust doesn't come for free its better if you give up the thought
  6. True, but not the class next person likes math
  7. false, i only have one sombrero from last year next person have a maxed hungering beam
  8. hmm, maybe 700 backfire for 1500 dmg, idk or maybe -100 res drain for both sides
  9. What's with the horrible grammar??
  10. Silver player and CleaverName are still there
  11. Since it has backfire and all that, i'd say make it has less energy and heat cost. In fact, i'd probably be much better to only have heat cost since it's only 1 use. And maybe increase its push to 2 range, otherwise it'll just be another really bad version of malfunctioning blaster.
  12. This might not be the same as what the title said but...... anyways. Also, I'm pretty sure this have not been mentioned before, but if it has, plz let me know. So, once again today, i bought a total of 150 item in my base, meaning I had to click the plus sign for items like 150 times. So I naturally thought, Wouldn't it be a WONDERFUL idea if there were some kind of scroll bar or typing space where we can either pull the bar to a designated number of items we want to craft or just insert a number of how many to craft... If it was a scroll bar, i'd make it like this: select scr
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