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  1. cheap n ez one is: corrupt light(starts at rare), savagery/flaminator(starts at rare, good when fighting other heat mechs, risky vs elec ones tho), magma recoiler(starts at epic but good sinergy), heatbomb if going boiler, for torso either nighmare( starts at common) or windigo, starts at epic ill post two builds that are premium free, one boiler, one exp dmg: you can also remove the grappling hook on the first one if you want to use the windigo torso now the exp dmg one, you can replace one of the desolations with a frantic flame ig until u get another one that is: any questions?
  2. i wish for a sandwich (bonus points if ya get the reference)
  3. Corvus

    I'm back lol

    i have returned once more
  4. Corvus

    Disable base

    lmao just got back, and people are still asking for this? they didnt do it when i played, they wont do it now either
  5. The problem is that there are only a handful (compared to all the possible ones) that are viable, mostly including monke, vests or windigo/Naga (not so much Naga)
  6. Cheaters gonna cheat Not much we can do about it
  7. Corvus

    I'm back lol

    Been gone for almost a year, prob nothing has changed
  8. Oh I already read the entire manga Yeah I have this on my to watch list Got to season 2, decent ig Yeah no, the memes and all that kinda ruined it 4 me , plus I got all the plot spoiled by said memes
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