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  1. Mmmh i have this I forgot my explosif res module on my builds..?
  2. My "classic" build Or also his Sniper build And my second mech that i bring in 2vs2, very predictable
  3. Marija : "You have until TUESDAY (about 6 days) to make a mech on your assigned account and post ALL PAGES of the mech in YOUR APPLICATION" Me: YESSS I SAVE THE WORLD
  4. I think it'll be fun ^^ thank you for organizing this.
  5. Specter roar is a physical side weapon (nice repetition with the title ) which is very heavy and that have a hight energy cost, but this weapon can inflict very good damage and consistently. Not sure that the weapon is balanced.
  6. False, didn't got the mine actually. The next person will say false.
  7. Actually making a extended version cause idk.
  8. Updated (after 5 month cause..uh..)
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