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    No update there is a technical issue according to alex.
  2. Never pair claw with heat hugger, heronmark(sword) would be better in this case I feel although you have enough hp(most probably gonna reduce cuz you gotta remove claw) so up to you. I think you won't be able to keep you enemy in close range forever with that build, something that is what heat huggers are known for, dual shotgun or scope users will easily get away. This one is much better.
  3. Just realized it's not only outpost but also a potential king-queen fork if your opponent is careless. Nice! Woah you are 800 and saw that fork? That's actually amazing.
  4. Damn never thought creating a basic outpost with your knight will count as a brilliant move but must be hard to find in the opening I guess so congrats. What is your rating btw? Brilliant moves are so unpredictable sometimes what you think was brilliant move by yourself gets marked as great move and something that you think was best move gets marked as brilliant like once I moved my knight next to my opponent's bishop which was pinned to the king and that got marked as brilliant move .-. I was 1143 rating that time and all my knight was doing was threatening my enemies' rook forcing it to move away nothing so brilliant about that.
  5. Damn you are so busy for so long now. Hope you survive the massive work pressure it won't be infinite just like everything else in the world. Take care
  6. Epic, catalan = ceritified pro.
  7. Don't know if you are being sarcastic or common sense entered your brain suddenly but congrats on seeing things logically now...
  8. Damn it's still 1 damage not negatives but really didn't expect something like that great job finding that
  9. Yeah but I think rank 15 player with 1 divine item is smart enough(hopefully) to understand he is not ready to get under rank 10 yet. Smurfing them just demotivates them from playing the game further.
  10. Send me the video link and then I will be convinced otherwise you are lying for 4-5th time which is not surprising.
  11. I know that? I was just asking the author of this post why he is grinding commons.
  12. You are literally wasting newer and weaker people's time by having divine items at rank 15 and you think that's ok? You gotta be joking. Unless you somehow see people with divine items at rank 15 which I highly doubt considering I got in rank 13 with only 1 divine malice beam and rest being legendary - mythical.
  13. Whatcha gonna do with that many commons? Isn't grinding power kits better?
  14. Damn sad bro, you should be embarrassed ngl but again it's only a game but ruining newbie peoples' fun is not nice at all.
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