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  1. I have never been a big fan of the base. If I invested more time in the game, I might have a change of heart, but I work alot, and have other things to occupy my time. Speaking of which, have a great day. I gotta run.
  2. You will have to wait til year 90, 000....then we will disable your base... - The Management -
  3. I don't think Alexander would mind, but if you were ever to try and publish it, it would be Tacticsoft you would have to deal with, as they still own the rights to the game.
  4. Keeps showing as an " Invalid Package ". Have done the usual rigmarole. Still comes up as " Invalid Package ".
  5. All right. Thanks everyone.
  6. Ahh, okay. The ' dewa ' seemed somewhat familiar. There was a player, back in the old Legacy days, that went by the name dewah77, if I remember correctly.
  7. Does anyone know this person? I saw this player this morning, at Rank 17, with 2 Myth Hybrid Energy weapons, and a Myth Energy Backfire Drone. I was going to report this person as a cheater, but I thought I would check first, in case there is something else going on here.
  8. Many of us have been called a noob, at one time or another. Don't take it personally.
  9. It's been happening for a number of years, now. It has happened to me a few times in the past, and I have seen others mention the same issue, over time. Tacticsoft gave me some compensation, for each time, so I would imagine Gato would too.
  10. If you have a good joke, and want to share it, please do. Here's a couple I found humorous: A woman is looking around her house, and notices many of her appliances, and electronics, are getting old. She looks at her TV, and decides it will be the first to be replaced. So off she goes, to the nearest store, goes up to a clerk, points at the wall, and asks the clerk " How much for that TV, on the wall? " The clerk replies " Sorry ma'am, we don't serve blondes here. " Taken aback, she leaves the store, and goes home. Irritated, she says to herself, " I'll show him ", goes in the bathroom, an
  11. 1. Total Battle: Medieval/Fantasy. Looks pretty cool, but extremely expensive. If you have $5K, or more, to blow, each week, you will do well. Otherwise, avoid it completely. 2. Anything by Plarium 3. Anything by R2Games
  12. Canuck, is another way of saying Canadian. The nucklehead part, is what my friends have lovingly called me, on our myriad of misadventures, over the years.
  13. There was a post, in the old Forum, regarding the Flaminator, and a debate regarding it's energy cost, one or more saying it was too high. I don't know one way, or the other, as I never really used the weapon, but I thought I would just mention it.
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