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  1. As the title suggests, we, or at least I, am still at tier 4.
  2. I don't think the loss of a couple torsos, would hinder levelling up. There would still be plenty of items left.
  3. I'm pretty much the same way. I finally got mine to 15, on the weekend., and I don't care for grinding, especially when the weather is nice.
  4. I still see some monkeys, but there are quite a few vests too. Besides the occasional Windigo, Nightmare, Battery Armor, and Naga, that's pretty much all you see nowadays. When Gato gets done with all the coding issues, they should take a look at what torsos to keep, and maybe buff, like Sith, Inerceptor, Grim Reaper, and Zarkares, and which to get rid of, like maybe some of the C - R torsos. Maybe? I don't know. Just a thought.
  5. I think it's more of the people, who just type in random garbage names, or are still using the name, the game gave them, that makes me suspicious. So many times I will see "aappgh123 ", for example, with maxed Myth vests, monkey torsos, etc., in the tier 14 - 11 range, and think, that's most likely a hacker. Most people, even a young kid, would make an effort to give themselves, a half decent name, one would think, if they weren't cheating. Maybe not? Maybe I am getting too old for this shit. Should probably stick to playing card games.
  6. They're everywhere. I'm guessing some are P2W, but I'm thinking some are hackers, too. Bloody hell, I say, bloody hell. They seem to just come out of the woodwork. People have them at tier 15, now, and they're fully Myth, some anyway, as low as tier 14. We need another banwave, methinks. Also, those who smurf, piss off. It's bad enough, in the lower tiers, as it is. Okay, rant over.
  7. No, not cooling and regen. Energy and heat capacity, are going down, after each shot. Heat capacity drops 20, as does energy capacity, after each shot. It's other 3 weapons do Phys. damage ( Armor Annihilator, and 2 Swords ). Reckless Beams only do Phys. damage, which is why I am puzzled.
  8. Question regarding this Titan: What appears to be two Reckless beams, on its' shoulders, actually do both heat and energy damage. Each time one fires, my heat/energy cap., goes down a bit. Is this normal?
  9. Isn't Vector a type of cereal? Pretty sure I saw it in the cereal aisle, when I was getting my Honey Nut Cheerios, the other day.
  10. Yep, had both of those too. Also have had my drone not fire in Arena battles a few times, even though I was in range, and had enough energy / not overheating. The " Saving Progress ", in campaign, while not horrible, still occurs everyday, too. Just lost a battle chance, again, during a Titan fight. Only 2 fights, out of 3.
  11. I guess it would depend on your build, If you had a Crimson Rapture, Red Rain, and a Heat Bomb, Terrorblade would be better, for close range boiler. If you have distance weapons, such as Dawnblaze, Corrupt Light, Savagery, etc., Flaming Hammer, would be better. You can always look in the WU, and see what works for you. Perhaps someone with more experience, will reply here eventually.
  12. They Well, they come in with fully Myth mechs, their favourite torsos being Monkey, or Vests, with nonsense names ie gghtepl29, who I faced the other day, and sit between tiers 14 - 11, just pissing people off,
  13. I think most would say they miss the old Super Mechs. Unfortunately, most games nowadays, are predominantly " play to win ", and when the " Reloaded " version, of this game, came out, many people left. It is still possible to be " free to play ", and work your way up, but some, in the top tiers, have invested quite a bit of money, into the game. One person, is said, to have spent $30, 000. To each his, or her own. It's still relatively a good game, and now that Gato Games has taken over, from Tacticsoft, it is getting better again. The only drawback, is the hackers, who keep popping up, from time to time. As for the community, there are a lot of good people. Make sure to check out the new Forum, if you have questions, need build help, etc..
  14. No, nothing like that for me this morning. It has happened to me in the past, though. Sometimes it will kick in after awhile, and other times, I have had to reload the game.
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