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  1. Thas called a power kit, it is not a module, actually it is used for upgrading, let’s say you don’t have any space for items you want to use for upgrading, you can upgrade a power kit using them and it stores all the power those items would have given, you can then upgrade items using it. I remember when I first got one I was confused too. I think it’s a power kit
  2. are you sure you didnt just give him your login info?
  3. When trying to enter the game you get a pop up saying you have been permanently banned from The game, contact board administrator for more info
  4. You could upgrade your heat mods? Maybe that’s why you have low heat
  5. Id upgrade naga until its Max legendarny, then swap Out grim reaper for naga
  6. Yeah I’m able to login. Have you tried logging into a different account
  7. false next person has legacy items
  8. True, next person pours the milk before the cereal
  9. Why? What happened? (I’m not eterio, I’m just curious)
  10. Jajcyn420


    i you are on mobile you might not get it immediately, if you want it now log in on pc. you will probably get it soon
  11. i wasnt active, so: true next person is proud that they clean their privates by licking them, like a dog
  12. true are you ashamed you soiled in your diaper?
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