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  1. Tine when i first known the game: I played the game on the facebook beta, way before grenade launchers even existed. Came back after mobile release, took some time to finally get to play it seriously on mobile because of hardware limitation. The reason: I have a soft spot of mechs, I liked the game and it's items, the battles... nowadays i still have that spark that keeps me here. My primary goal: Have a fully upgraded mech trip, no meta stuff... just my currently favorite, work with what i have. When the time of Divination comes... i don't know what happens next... Secondary goal: Cleanse the wrecked world out of the invaders... This means completing the campaign in its 3 difficulty settings... all chapters... White Star shall forever shine bright in the sky, a shining hope of glory for the generations to come.
  2. A person that plays games is a gamer... even the shittiest mobile games make a gamer, not a good or experienced one but gamer but a gamer indeed regardless of system. Spammity spammity
  3. The yellow sword... Mass Deflector i believe the name was... Behaves similar to the hammer's knockback but with 1-2 range. Well... as far as i remember at least.
  4. Stampede was one of the coolest legs for me. Combinated well with HAL and Gladiator. Firewall... that was a VERY useful heat weapon, Ok damage for back then, WITH knockback to keep distance for longer rangers. Good times with these items!
  5. YAY!!! ANOTHER LEGENDARY!!! Let's take a look... Bruh! Opened a premium pack and... Forgot to take the screen shot... But i have now a: R e d M u n k e e Bruh how i'm gonna even use that...
  6. He's butthurt because he ain't got no swag
  7. Some random drawings from 2019... Mostly unfinished pieces and probably will be kept that way. Ps: The last one is unusual, it's my own take on a unique design.
  8. It's a disruptive weapon, It heavily drains the energy of both you and your opponent... The advantage comes when you "out-energy" your opponent, so that after your shot the opponent is drained outta energy and may be incapacitated of using energy weapons without having the amount of energy to use them, but you can still fire if you out energy your opponent after the EMP usage. Detail: When an opponent is low on energy [ example- 0 out of 200 max points ] and your weapon deals 50 of energy draining... the energy weapon will receive an attack bonus [ Weapon damage 100, energy drain amount 50, Opponent's remaining energy being 0. So it means that your weapon will deal 150 points of energy damage ]. Ps: Numbers given in my explanation are merely illustrative.
  9. 2-4, then 3-6... So to follow a pattern a 4-7 would be more suitable. Besides that... i don't think the game needs more "range specific" drones. Also... the game need no more of these "only at this range" type of weapons... and expand on more strategy side of things at mid range to short. Just because of the 2-4 range i'm thinking of swapping my Electrolyte for Unreliable Protector... But that's up to decision when i fully legendary my robots.
  10. @Ad1tya I know about the game, it's the community here on the forum i was distant from.
  11. White Star here to explain the joke, so anyways guys... Legendary hysteria is irrelevant for me right now. Amidst the cringe i forgot to screenshot the 5 items... But they're Epic: windigo, charge engine, Combined Storage Unit, Savagery... And Legendary Hysteria... I transformed 2 of these for legendary before just to myth stuff...
  12. Things i made in 2019 [ Don't expect the arts to look 100% accurate to Super Mechs sprites... Because i wasn't trying to carbon-copy what the game has in terms of style... I just gave my own shot at it ] • I made these on cellphone using IbisPaintX, First i draw on paper, then take photo then i line everything. • The green one there is my favorite. • I have some paper drawings will post later because my battery is begging for MERCY [ gonna shotgun it in the middle just watch ]
  13. I restarted at this era, Reloaded. Although i played the Beta on Facebook long ago... way before grenade launchers where added... at times where drone Antares reigned supreme with it's exactly 50 points of damage.
  14. Guess who's back, back again. White Star is back, tell a friend. In case you have none: Let's be friends
  15. Look at these dudes, look at the top dude name... isn't suspicious?
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