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  1. Moved to 45 millions . I 'm feeling better.
  2. I am free to play and it is hard for sure but if you work hard your account will pay off. Up to you.
  3. Oh. I had no idea you use the mech. I though you used only in the chat for fun. I hope they take you back. I like the flag. Sis wanted to use the flag again but she is in her clan. I will call you now.
  4. Sorry for no calling you. I will. Now I understand why you left the clan.
  5. I like that mech. You never use it. I can see by next weekend you will max some pars. It is cool to see your old solo clan flag and name around. I hope you return to the clan. I mean CANDELA. I want to move to 50 millions on gold reserve but I need to work with some modules. Will take longer of what I was thinking.
  6. WOW, you left the clan for some weeks. I had no idea. Sis was reading and just find out. Ah, I got it. I remember you told me about the new assignment but no idea you will walk away of the clan. If not wrong you can sty there without issues due to your entry ways. I remember SHABBA what he said to you and the clan. Still I do not understand why you left. Nice progress. I saw some of those weapons in the low 20's when sis opened the account to see account a bit. I was able to move to 35 millions and maxed few parts you said. Yeah, I will kick you next time.
  7. False Next person play dominos.
  8. OK. I am checking your old comments and saw this too. I will up date this. WTF with the so many changes. next to Bernie
  9. WTF. I do not remember this thread of you. Your old mechs clan. Actually that it is the O.D. FARM original solo clan and real first name of O.D. FARM then you walked away OKI of his own clan and merged both. I remember now. A player need you in his clan and you tried to help then never joined and moved with O.D.. Yeah sis told me about it. Are you trying to be funny?
  10. I don't get legendary parts but time to time epics.
  11. Yes, I forgot to stop to max that weapon but sis was the one who worked on because I forgot to tell her. I will let you know before I decide to buy any offer. I will spend some gold with the Mercy and by the way I increased storage space to 405. I know you said to keep it at 400 for now but I got few items I do not want to meat in case because I don't have others on reserve. WOW, you will drop on gold a lot. You will spend at list like 50 millions to make 16 parts maybe more. According what I calculated it is a lot. Crazy. Maybe if you have 120 millions will be fine but for 82 it is tuff.
  12. I will be moving to 40millions. I started to max the Mercy as per your request to make that mech you requested. I think will do fine for R1.
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