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Found 11 results

  1. (First, it's an original story I made.) I have a flamethrower of red dragon and blue dragon, and I used this red and blue to experiment. But it took 12 hours after the experiment, and I had a light like time, I thought it was soberly interesting, and I was able to make my masterpiece. That's it! Its name is Acid Dragon Flamethrower.
  2. Look at This picture. It’s Became My Level180 of Reward Boxes. This time, I would like to introduce Acid Protect, an original design that I made. Intro: This protection increases cooling and energy collection, and reduces damage that hits each attribute. Model Legendary Lv1-(40) Weight:60kg Cooling:25(30) Regeneration:25(30) Resist(All):30(40) HP:+50 Mythical Lv1-(50) Weight:60kg Cooling:35(40) Regeneration:35(40) Resist(All):50(60) HP:+75 Divine Bonus: Cooling:48 Regeneration:48 Resist(All):65 HP:+100 Design By Yukiya. Used software: Adobe(Lightroom) Download: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/adobe-lightroom-%E5%86%99%E7%9C%9F%E5%8A%A0%E5%B7%A5-%E7%B7%A8%E9%9B%86-%E9%AB%98%E7%94%BB%E8%B3%AA%E3%82%AB%E3%83%A1%E3%83%A9/id878783582 This is “IPhone”. Thank You!
  3. Intro: The fifth of the acid, I made Massing's Leg acid. Epic Lv1-(30) Weight:150kg HP:250HP(280) DMG:90-135(100/145) Resist(All):-10Resist Heat:+10(20) Energy:-10(-20) Cooling:-5(-15) Regeneration:-5(-15) Back:1 Range:1-1 Legendary Lv1-(40) Weight:150kg HP:300HP(340) DMG:115-160(130-175) Resist(All):-15Resist Heat:+25(40) Energy:-25(-40) Cooling:-20(-30) Regeneration:-20(-30) Back:1 Range:1-1 Mythical Lv1-(50) Weight:150kg HP:360HP(400) DMG:150-200(180-230) Resist(All):-20Resist Heat:+45(60) Energy:-45(-60) Cooling:-40(-50) Regeneration:-40(-50) Back:1 Range:1-1 Divine Bonus: HP:420HP DMG:190-230 Cooling:-60 Regeneration:-60 Design By Yukiya. Used software:Abode(Lr) Download: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/adobe-lightroom-%E5%86%99%E7%9C%9F%E5%8A%A0%E5%B7%A5-%E7%B7%A8%E9%9B%86-%E9%AB%98%E7%94%BB%E8%B3%AA%E3%82%AB%E3%83%A1%E3%83%A9/id878783582 This is “IPhone”. Thank you!
  4. Picture: Cooling Bomb(Side weapon) Cooling Bomb(Top weapon)

    © Design By Yukiya.

  5. Hello! I am a member of the confetti. This time, I will introduce two weapons to fly a snowstorm. Let’s Go!!! The First Weapon Side Weapon:Cooling Bomb Status: Legendary Weapon Lv1(40) Weight:60kg(60) DMG:1-60(1-80) Cooling DMG:-40(-65) Heat Cost:200(200) Range:1-2(1-2) Mythical Lv1(50) Weight:60kg(60) DMG:11-90(11-115) Cooling DMG:-70(-90) Heat Cost:250(250) Range:1-2(1-2) DIVINE Weight:60kg(60) DMG:11-120(11-120) Cooling DMG:-93(-93) Heat Cost:250(250) Range:1-2(1-2) The Second Weapon Top Weapon:Over Coolonged ICE bomb Status: Legendary Weapon Lv1(40) Weight:70kg(70) DMG:1-75(1-95) Cooling DMG:-70(-85) Heat Cost:250(250) Range:3-6(3-6) Mythical Lv1(50) Weight:70kg(70) DMG:11-100(11-120) Cooling DMG:-90(-105) Heat Cost:275(275) Range:3-6(3-6) DIVINE Weight:70kg(70) DMG:11-125(11-125) Cooling DMG:-110(-110) Heat Cost:275(275) Range:3-6(3-6) Design By Yukiya.
  6. Sakura Blade is It is a sword that uses the Seraph blade as an image of a cherry tree and gives a snowstorm to the opponent with a sub weapon of heat. (Status) Sakura Blade LEGENDARY Lv1-(40) Weight 58kg DMG 140-210 (150-230) Heat +80 (95) Max Heat DMG +25 (30) Knockback 1 (1) Range 1 (1) Mythical Lv1-(50) Weight 58kg DMG 160-250 (175-265) Heat +100 (120) Max Heat DMG +35 (45) Knockback 1 (1) Range 1 (1) Divine Weight 58kg DMG 180-270 Heat +125 Max Heat DMG 55 Knockback 1 Range 1 Design By Yukiya. Software:Adobe.
  7. Y18_JPN

    Acid Armor

    Hello! Do mechanicals have poisonous armor? •••This Mech is nothing. That's why I designed the armor of my father. That's it! I thought it was wonderful and this work was completed. Mech Name Acid Armor Weight:580kg HP:1600HP(1800HP) Heat•Energy:245(265) Cooling•Regeneration:135(155) Physicals•Energy•Heat(Resist) 35Resist(45Resist) DIVINE Weight:580kg HP:1900HP Heat•Energy:270 Cooling•Regeneration:160 Physicals•Energy•Heat(Resist) 50Resist Design By Yukiya
  8. It's the launch of a rocket. Ladies and gentlemen! Let's go!

    © Design By Yukiya.

  9. Party Rocket: I was born as a party rocket as a name to imagine a party and pray for good luck. Now, let's take a look at the statistics first. Physical Side weapon Legendary Lv1-(40) Weight:68kg DMG:90-150(105-165) H&E(Cost):35(35) BreakResist(All):-15(-15) Range:1-2(1-2) Back&KnockBack:1 Shot:2 Mythical Lv1-(50) Weight:68kg DMG:180-240(195/255) H&E(Costs):50(50) BreakResist(All):-20(-20) Range:1-2(1-2) Back&KnockBack:1 Shot:2 Divine Bonus DMG:200/260 H&E(Costs):47 BreakResist(All):-25 Shot:3 Introduction: When you attack, your opponent will have some good luck. Bonus: HP+50(50) Heat +5(15) Heat+15(25) Energy️-10(-20) Energy (Regenerative)️-15(-25) Resist(All)🛡-5(-10) ():Mythical And Divine ()isn’t :Legendary Design By Yukiya. Used software:Adobe(Lightroom) Download: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/adobe-lightroom-%E5%86%99%E7%9C%9F%E5%8A%A0%E5%B7%A5-%E7%B7%A8%E9%9B%86-%E9%AB%98%E7%94%BB%E8%B3%AA%E3%82%AB%E3%83%A1%E3%83%A9/id878783582 This is “IPhone “. Thanks You!
  10. The third one of Acid Name:Acid Pizza Cut The Acid pizza cutter was based on rock polisher, made it acidized, and became an acid pizza cutter. Attacking this weapon will do poisonous damage around the pizza, greatly reducing heat and energy. Legendary Lv1-(40) Weight:59kg DMG:170-250(190-270) Cooling•Regeneration: -20(-25) Backfire:-120 Range:1 Mythical Lv1-(50) Weight:59kg DMG:210/290(230/310) Cooling•Regeneration: -35(-40) Backfire:-160 Range:1 Divine Bonus: DMG(240/320) Cooling•Regeneration: -45 Design By Yukiya. Software:Adobe(LR) Download: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/adobe-lightroom-%E5%86%99%E7%9C%9F%E5%8A%A0%E5%B7%A5-%E7%B7%A8%E9%9B%86-%E9%AB%98%E7%94%BB%E8%B3%AA%E3%82%AB%E3%83%A1%E3%83%A9/id878783582
  11. The cherry blossom blade changes the image of Serafblade to cherry blossom color, and when you swing the sword, the cherry blossom petals blow.

    © Design By Yukiya.

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