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Hi folks,

I'll post all my YouTube vids here. Enjoy! 🙂

CleverNameSM YT Channel

Testing a Crazy Build Series
Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 1 (Physical)
Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 2 (Energy)
Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 3 (Heat)
Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 4 (Physical)
Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 5 (Heat)

New Item Features
New Item: Overcharged Rocket Battery
New Item: Obsolete Energy Cannon
New Item: Rock Polisher
New Item: Combined Engine Unit
New Item: Basalt Polisher
New Item: Overload Preventor
New Item: Quad Core Booster
New Item: Energy Fortress
New Item: Damaged Armor Annihilator
New Item: Plasma Fortress
New Item: Overheated Heat Bomb
New Item: Platinum Fortress
New Item: Overloaded EMP
New Item: Fractured Basalt Annihilator
New Item: Broken Blizzard Annihilator

Survive or Switch Challenges
Boiler Challenge: Survive or Switch

Rank 1 Arena Fights Series
Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 1
Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 2
Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 3
Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 4
Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 5
Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 6

Arena Fight Analysis Series
Arena Fight Analysis Ep. 1
Arena Fight Analysis Ep. 2
Arena Fight Analysis Ep. 3

Rank 1 Meta Series
Rank 1 Meta: OP Physical Build
Rank 1 Meta: OP Energy Build
Rank 1 Meta: OP Heat Build
Rank 1 (New) Meta: OP Energy Build
Rank 1 (New) Meta: OP Heat Build
Strongest Scope Mech Ever?!
Rank 1 Meta: OP Physical Build
Rank 1 Meta: OP Heat Build
Rank 1 Meta: OP Energy Build
Rank 1 Meta: OP Scope Build
Rank 1 Meta: OP Tank Build
Latest Meta:
Best Builds in SM (Jan 2021)

SM and Chill Series
SM and Chill Ep. 1
SM and Chill Ep. 2
SM and Chill Ep. 3

Challenges with Purific
Frantic Encounters Ft. Purific
Fan Made Builds Ft. Flecen
Energy vs. Heat (Collab w/ FAIOLA GAMES)

Other & Misc.
Fighting the CEO of SuperMechs (Alex)!
Beating 3v3 Campaign in Insane Mode
Strongest Inventory In SM
Super Mechs in Sync
Massive Inventory Upgrade
Inventory Update
Climbing to #1 in 3v3 season
Can you survive Rank 1 with scope builds?
Using 6 UPCs in 3v3
4 Axes on 1 Mech
Global Chat & Fan Encounters
Hugger in the Arena
Super Close 3v3 Fight
Dominating 3v3 Arena
Winning my first solo medal
Winning another 3v3 season
Hitting 300 AP
Hitting 400 AP
Hitting 500 AP (current record)
Fighting with some Legends
Most intense cooldown fight!
Winning a lost fight, Rounded vs. Counters
Getting Revenge on Counters
Testing Crazy Builds
Testing New Energy Builds
Premium Pack Giveaway! (celebrating 1k subs)
Using Clones!
Crazy Boiler Build!
4K Health Mech
Inventory Management Guide (fooding divines)?
How to Spend Tokens in SM (spending 70k tokens on inventory space)
Opening 50 Premium Packs
Opening 200 Premium Packs

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49 minutes ago, Sparks said:

I'll be honest, this is your most worst video. You can't imagine how hard is to watch this than you are f2p.

Edit: Now that Ettin torso costs more than my entire acc.

Agreed, I had 2 strokes, 10 aneurysms, a concussion from trying to get the image out of my head by bashing it into the drywall,  20 eye and 45 brain cancer cells grew onto me, my lungs got punctured from the hours of screaming I force upon myself. 

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On 12/19/2020 at 3:40 AM, CleverName said:

good test. I tested at legend and myth L1. Like you said it is more for raid but still few making good runner use for it

On 12/21/2020 at 6:14 PM, CleverName said:

Fighting @Alexander!! 😮


cool fight. I think I commented before. Maybe in different thread. 🙂 I have lots of videos to watch but I was not using much the forum during forum transition. Now I need to see too many and no likes available. Annoying. 

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On 1/24/2021 at 11:02 PM, CleverName said:


WOW, I still need to watch many videos around. I had no idea about the video with so many meta around. Hmm, I had no idea that I was building similar in my maxing parts area similar mechs and even the mech I fought against you with similar characteristics. By the way I was easy pray 😂🤭 and I remember now that fight. Now I understand why so many guys around have the phys version and curiosity I did similar long ago in L1 test never developed. Anyway, farming takes years to build something. Nice fights and video. 👍

On 1/23/2021 at 2:47 AM, CleverName said:


Hmm, very curious that I build similar test mechs and build sets to max parts as your meta mechs from initial getting parts. Sure not same way with modules because looking to make modules at this stage for different combos but very similar structures. I had same kind of result with my modules test combinations but not at your low limit and I agree with your though about energy need a bit of buff on those parts just a bit. I do not know if recently some changes happen to some energy weapons that I used to fight and win without lots of problems but now affect more my mechs. I have been playing just in test ways all of this time checking with same set up then getting same players with different modules and something changed I think recently. Excellent video as always. 👍👌

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