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Found 3 results

  1. In this thread, I’ll post what I believe to be the best builds in the game (meta builds). Everyone is welcome to post and debate meta builds. META = Most Effective Tactics Available (i.e. what's the best build in game to help you climb the ladder in arena and have the highest win rate). I've excluded "popular" builds that aren't really "meta." I'm defining meta as the best builds in their respective element and must at a minimum be able to achieve Rank 1 full stars (and preferably have the highest win rate possible). The "best" builds are of my own opinion from arena testing. Note t
  2. Similar to the old forum, feel free to ask me anything. (I do reserve the right to not respond to some questions/give vague answers where applicable.) Some quick FAQs I usually get: Q: How much have you spent on SM? A: 5 figures USD. Q: Where do you live? A: NY, USA. Q: How old are you? A: Mid 20s. Q: Where do you work/what do you do? A: I work in private equity for a firm on Wall Street. Private Equity is basically investing in companies, improving them, and then selling them (so basically investment banking + consulting). Feel free to learn more about it online!
  3. Hi folks, I'll post all my YouTube vids here. Enjoy! CleverNameSM YT Channel Testing a Crazy Build Series Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 1 (Physical) Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 2 (Energy) Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 3 (Heat) Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 4 (Physical) Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 5 (Heat) New Item Features New Item: Overcharged Rocket Battery New Item: Obsolete Energy Cannon New Item: Rock Polisher New Item: Combined Engine Unit New Item: Basalt Polisher New Item: Overload Preventor New Item: Quad Core Booster New Item: Energy Fortress New Item: Damaged Armor Annihilator
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