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3 hours ago, Cole_Since_2012 said:


Also I think a lot of players didn't get much from this portal (aside from a select few). I would just consider it an unlucky year.

yes. I had one year without grants. Oh well. 🤭 Next 10 years I can complete few mechs. 

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48 minutes ago, Cole_Since_2012 said:

It won't be another 5 years until I can get that Terror Blade I've always wanted 😂

I still waiting in O.D. FARM for a Swoop, Sorrow, Damage Armor Annihilator and Valiant as basic game grants in the freeway or premiums.  

I do have a single Armor and Swoop from offers during T.S. The swoop was regular offer one of the last offers happen in the game and the armor when was released at portal never got one but right after the portal there was a sale of the 3 types in a single offer and I got that one. So, even premiums so far, no Valiant, no armor, no Sorrow and no swoop. 

In OKI no Sorrow, swoop, no eject, no abomination and few more but basic that. I got the Swoop in the same offer with O.D. FARM and one abomination offer during T.S. but no premiums etc. Limited in others like in O.D. FARM. 🫠


I do not have the expectation to get them, but I am building up 1000 premiums to open and have few eggs and clan coins. 


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