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  1. Tienes razón, empiezo a terminar de hacer unas cosas y empiezo. Y bienvenido.
  2. It's okay to relax, the game does get you fed up at a certain point, but you can always counteract that by improving, I've seen your build and it shows how much you've improved, patience and wisdom will always do your best. , and I know that one day you will give what is due to those counters who only spend it hesitating.
  3. Good battle. Next make a GamePlay where I beat you ... Nah lie.
  4. I always wondered why the hell you were more at night, knowing that well... That explains everything.
  5. Do not forget that it has more energy and physical resistance.
  6. Estoy completamente de acuerdo, muchos son por estudios o trabajo, realmente es complicado moverse con muchos contras, por eso algunos clanes tienen un rol y un uso. 1._ Clanes de estar lo más alto. Ejemplos: Troll Fast. O 2._ Clanes de Máximo Farmeo. Ejemplos: Candela inc.
  7. Go knowing what he was like, I'm sure other hackers are now terrified, (and they aren't even funny or did quality), this makes something clear to me. It serves me.
  8. Bastante bien, 23/24 y estamos intentando llegar las 2k de wins. Recién empieza la semana.
  9. Wow, I thought I was the only one who was very strict with his tastes, I love that I feel a very specific flavor in something, (literally so much that I learn to cook thanks to my mother), in case I fail in what I like it, I am dedicated to being a chef or critic of other chefs' flavors, my palate is masterful!!!
  10. It eats. your money, while the poor eat our time, , (A joke comment).
  11. Welcome to the Persi community, here you can also send the game errors and comment on your opinions and ideas to the game, I send you a greeting as Magnus xd.
  12. Long ago there was a game that consists of banning whoever is above you, well to revive that game. Rules: 1._ Ban the one above you. 2._ It can be for any reason. 3._ The forum rules apply. Original version created by: @Elcent
  13. Do you want some advice from me? Well , here I happen to you as I do. 1._ Enjoy your privacy, because if you have many friends, they will ask you for a little or a lot of society, (making you miss a lot of your privacy). 2._ Friends go out alone, you don't have to go looking for it (for example, I hang out with those who love me, those who don't, nah!). 3._ Do not become so fond of it either, since it remembers something called "false friendships" and that destroys the happiness of many. I hope my advice is useful, since at first I wanted to make friends but seeing that it
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