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  1. I see, then it's time to get popular . It is supposed that I should have commented yesterday but it was on an important day .
  2. Don't worry, apparently you reached 100%, but you haven't just passed it yet, just play one more campaign and you'll level up. PD: You have to do more than 100% in order to advance. I won't be stupid or trolling today. His bar is at 100% and can't go up yet, just like that.
  3. Thank you, finally I will play happily against Energy people with 1k of Energy and 2 of Coling me being Energy balanced . But if I use my heat against the same build I remove the mute to see how he insults me and cries while I heal myself with that crap that gives me 100 repairs .
  4. Those items are rubbish, I was given Legendary Kraken in Fortune, Box and Pack , Now I just have to get it in Arena box and I will be complete
  5. It shows that you are new to this, these lvl 30 users must be retired players, (or better named legacy), Or at least can you show what builds they use?
  6. I'm still thinking of doing an SM Comic, but my problem would be to give a good story, since I'm not very good at telling yet , but with these funds it could inspire me in something .
  7. My first post in the old forum was me complaining why SM had that "reconnecting" error and from this forum I remember it very well, I leave a capture.
  8. Let me help you by passing her discord. scorpion1#6466
  9. In my opinion I have many people that I love, even outside of Super Mechs (I don't know if they love me), but in some if I can feel safe, I will mention it but it is not ordered, but I will have reasons. Pain or The King, (I don't have a fixed name). When I first entered Candela he was one of the first friends I had on Discord, I really had a good time and we talked about how to improve every day in SM, and make jokes in other severs, Currently I continue talking with him. @OKI DOKI I met him when I made an Idea in the Old forum, (How hard it comes true), where I published a fan art weapon, some liked the design, among them OKI DOKI, I decided to publish more designs, (there were not many to say ), and other versions, but he was always there, he made me feel famous in some way. @KRATOS Currently I do not see him because he sold his account, but when he was active he was a good guy, in the chats they knew him as Spamer "1vs1" but outside of that he was a great person, it was fun when he gave some people what they deserved. @CleverName He didn't mark as much as they did, but I had a good time talking to him, (it wasn't much to say), but I don't regret having added him as a friend. @The Girl Persian She met her a few months ago, and it was relaxing to talk to her, it was nice when we had a topic to talk about, but unfortunately it is not possible because she is working hard at her job, I really missed her a lot when She left SM for a long time. @Marija She does his job well, it was fun when he had topics to talk about. Ƭǿɱǿƙǿ (I don't remember his name in the old forum) I used to follow a lot, half a fan. @Atusiff I keep quiet when talking to him. From here it will be very long, since they marked history, Personal of me. Now I will say the most important ones, It may sound sad, but I like to remember those who are, in memory, or far out there... BestPlayerintheWorld, (or Besty). When I was new to SM I used to see battles of the best players, at first there were many but it did not seem a definitive one, until You was there, BestPlayerintheWorld was now the #1 player at that time and what impressed me was his three physical mechs, I was He made me dream of seeing a top 1 Interceptor, (there was a top one but I forgot his name, Heat), and since I did not know about the balance of the game, I only made physical and improved it with everything I had, literally, it was my idol, and when I started to learning about clans my goal was to enter Hard to Kill with my idol there, but one day it would happen where everything went down the drain, One, passed away, and Two, I had no idea that it was a woman, (If I had added it as a friend would have been an impact to me), she never knew me in person, but I would have pleasure at least if she knew that wherever she went, I would be there supporting her, my respects. @S H A B B A The first time I saw him was when he and I were rank 8, I still remember him and he always wanted me to join his clan, he did not accept it because he was not very useful at that time, (he did not touch the titan and he barely made 10 wins a week). But he was very stubborn and he kept persisting, but one day I would not see him again, at first I did not give it importance, but one day on my 18th birthday they would give me the first cell phone, and SM was one of the first things I downloaded, and I started to invest a balance in it, and I began to see that inactivity was very harmful to the clans, but one day my cell phone stopped working and it was very sad for me, my mother gave me one with more power and between her and I we invested the balance for both of us, starting to be very active, from there I remembered Candela again and SHABBA seemed tired of asking me, but now stronger, I win many times and from there I asked him if he could put Candela on me again, He was very excited and from there I started to meet the friends they would currently have, everything was fine until one day I lost my account due to a very stupid act (I was scammed), Everything I had is gone, I had a fight with my Leader, it was the worst thing that happened to me in life and I was practically very alone, I almost left SM, but two months after what happened, he returned, and told me that I would join the clan again when I was ready, I am currently improving For that reason, if it were not like that, I would have left SM forever, a pity that he has retired, but I will begin to repair all the wrong I did and I will start again from scratch, but with more experience. I am grateful to him more than anything, he was the one who gave me the opportunity, his clan, to meet more friends, they all respected me (Latam), when I disappeared, he was like the door of a Future that I do not know where he will go... Well I already told everything I had to tell, thank you if you read everything, it will be up to you to give your opinion, I don't have to tell more from here. Bye.
  10. In fact it is not considered such an Anime, maybe it was but everything was made in the USA, while the designs were made in Korea, who knows, there are people and their rules for something to be said Amine, it will be something like Anime/Cartoon.
  11. Do you want good news?, Avatar is not considered an Anime, if we talk about Nickelodeon.
  12. Hay una opción donde puedes solicitar desactivar la Base, no pierdes nada con buscar un poco. https://community.supermechs.com/knowledgebase/disable-base-request/?do=form&d=2
  13. My origin of my name is very old, even before I played SM, for now I will try to remember.
  14. Este es un foro en Ingles, por favor al menos de una versión traducida al tal idioma dicho o busque un servidor de Discord en Español, Gracias.
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